The impact of technology in HR practices

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The impact of technology in HR practices
impact of technology in HR practices

Changes in technology and its positive impact especially to HR practices have always been a welcome treat. For one, advancement in technology leads to positive results in the way businesses is managed; even departments in companies benefit from such changes including HR management.

Talent Search

Admittedly, prior to modern technology recruitment remains a hit and miss process apart from it being too costly. You only have the print publications to post job openings and with the limited time, only a select few will be able to read the post. These days, posting a job opening online is virtually free and widely available for numerous prospects to see. The posting of available jobs is not limited to the recruitment department; with employer branding even employees are now commissioned to recruit for talents among their own network through social media.

Employee Training

Training is another costly HR management process, yet cannot be ignored as training improves workers capabilities on the job. With technology, training is now more efficient by allowing remote workers get full access to training materials provided by the company anytime, anywhere. And if training documents aren’t enough, then remote workers can take advantage of moderated and live virtual classes like webinars or video streaming. With this principle, the human resource department can now easily commission remote HR experts to train their workers.

Data Management

For a very long time documenting human resource processes and other paperwork are printed on paper and stored indefinitely until any one in those files needs to be retrieved. This process makes data retrieval too time consuming. Electronic imaging and cloud storage have both changed the way documents are stored and retrieved. Managers and employees need not physically be in the office to review documents. Likewise they can also simply print the file that is necessary as hard copy.

Performance Measurement

Human resource is keen on measuring the performance of employees as their positive performance is tantamount to overall organizational success. Likewise collective information on workers performance will be helpful in developing future business operations. Human resource can now make use of softwares designed to measure such performances with capability of determining how they can be improved.

Employer Branding

Employer branding is a concept currently being embraced by organizations and for good reasons. With appropriate efforts employer branding helps improve talent acquisition. With technology, employer branding becomes highly achievable by the use of social media, blogging and online PR for community engagement as well as prospective talents. Digital technology complements various employer branding activities on ground making the whole campaign highly productive and effective.

Outsourcing and Telecommuting

Outsourcing is one major impact of technology to human resource, valuing on the operational system in the cloud certain non-core business functions can now be outsourced offshore giving the HR management more room to watch over the core workers in an organization. Apart from this, outsourcing work proves to be more efficient in terms labor and infrastructure cost.

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