HR Tech Trends for 2014

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HR Tech Trends for 2014
HR Tech Trends for 2014

Time and time again changes and trends happen in the way businesses are operated. Varying industries take on these trends as they clearly demonstrate improvements in operational success. Even in the field of human resource, the same principle applies. For the year 2014 several HR technology trends are seen to affect employees and employers alike. It’s important for human resource management to learn them as they come in order to align their strategies in dealing with human resource as well as maintain their business. Here are a few of those trends . . .

HR data can now be managed in the cloud

It’s a real pity that HR managements of some organizations still refuse to trust the cloud in storing their data. Over the years data storage in the cloud has become more and more secure, devoid of perpetrators. Storing data in the cloud works well for online cross communication and benefit those organizations with remote departments.


Some human resource management may still find it strange, but gamification is an excellent way to reach out and retain top talents. Talents, especially the “millennials” expect gamification to be part of their lives in the workplace.

Virtual work and workers

Globalization is altering the workplace by making organizations embrace remote working conditions. These have been a long time-time trend and will continue to be so as benefits to business operations and human resource management becomes more and more evident. These benefits refer to savings on infrastructure cost, manpower management as well as tapping on the expertise of outsourced professionals. To become successful in managing remote workers, business managers must be open to learn and use online communication, collaborative and project management tools that are widely available.

Mobile devices and tools will continue to become a popular mode of business

Reactive tools means they are highly accessible using a mobile devices; with that in mind you can expect HR management works to experience a boost in productivity and efficiency. The process of recruitment will also benefit from the development of this system.

Cross-functional innovation

In furthering innovative best practices, human resource management would need to collaborate with other departments and pick their brains in determining what works and what doesn’t in accomplishing HR goals.


New global standards for HR terminologies business operational models with the integration of HR acumens worldwide

Thanks to the digital technology, advance tools for the betterment of HR operations and implementations are now made available for use around the world. Likewise, it will now be easier to reach out to HR management consultants and experts to improve small to medium size organizations to reach out and help set the foundation in their HR management.

Communication becomes more effective with the integration of social media

The use of social media has evolved from being a personal platform to a business communication platform. Likewise the use of it has proven that “community members” engage more as trust becomes the factor of communication exchanges. In fact, social media has proven to be an effective gateway for recruitment of talents in the job market.


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