Why You Should and Should Not Quit Human Resources Job

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Human resources professionals are the guardian of a company’s stability as they are responsible for ensuring the balance of an organisation’s most important resource: the people. They are also in charge of motivating employees in regards to management policies and disciplinary for the benefit of the company. In a fine term, without HR professionals, company might not thrive in today’s ever-changing competitive business world.

Nonetheless, as the backbone of a business, HR officers often experience burnout and feel emotionally drained. Just like any other jobs, being an HR professional requires you to deal with various kinds of hurdles and unpleasant challenges. You might have to go through a hard time dealing with all kinds of responsibilities during your tenure.

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Thus, with the aforementioned statements in mind, would you leave or stay in your HR job? If you still have doubts about the decision, here are some things you should consider.

Why You Should NOT leave HR career

1. Good career experience, growth, and stability

Human resources careers allow you to meet executives, CEOs, and other influential leaders which gives you a chance to understand and learn all types of professionals. You will also gain better leadership and executive-level skills. Owing to this reason, your opportunity to be among C-suits is huge. 

2. A deeply appreciated and important function in an organisation

Pursuing a career in HR will put you in a position of importance. Your present is important, your influence is deeply needed, your acts and behaviour are appreciated – and all of these is proven by the high salary and compensation human resources professionals can get. Hence, with steady growth and above-average salary, you can develop your life better.

3. More exclusive challenges

If you love challenges and don’t like constant job, an HR career is the one you should pursue. Human resource jobs deal with both inside and outside success of a company. Their responsibility is more or less alike with C-suites which means there are always new strategies, technologies, and skills to learn and improve. This chance gives you more thrilling challenges to continuously upskill your ability in order to stay competitive in the market.

4. Help you become more professional

Strong and skilful HR personnel might find their job daunting but exciting. Sitting in an HR position might give an opportunity to deal with difficult challenges that will help sharpen your problem-solving skills and decision-making skills, the two crucial skills that are needed to be a successful leader. You can also find better balance and harmony amidst the chaos that will help you thrive when you build your own career path in the future such as starting your own business.

Why You Should LEAVE HR career

1. More responsibilities

HR professionals should ensure that the company culture can retain top performers and provide a healthy and inspiring workforce. You need to corroborate that workplace policy is equal in all aspects as well as provide clean workplace politics. Additionally, you are responsible to teach managers over and over the appropriate steps for employee disciplinary action. These are just a few of the responsibilities you should take.

2. More pressures and overstressed

Being an HR professional means that you should be able to run from one task to another, report continuously to manager and CEO, and other responsibilities which are dismaying enough to make you feel burdened due to overworked. Besides, HR professionals should possess empathetic skills to connect with people and ensure employees wellbeing in the workplace. Showing your empathy, nonetheless, should be in moderate consideration because giving too much empathy will lead to stressful and miserable thinking. On the contrary, showing too little empathy might result in employee disengagement. 

3. Emotional pressure

Without strong EQ and self-awareness, working as an HR officer will give you an emotional pressure. You are the one who deals with people and it can mess up with your own emotions. Listening to every comment, report, and problems from employees in an organisation might make your emotions tired which then decrease your overall well-being. Moreover, being the first to know information about laying employees off could add emotional burden, especially if the person is someone you trust the most. 

Key takeaways

To sum up, human resource fields is a demanding area yet the most promising job for career development. You might find some fun working here with its heartening career progression but at the same time, you will feel more pressure due to hefty job assignments and tight schedule. So, to decide, it should depend on your choice and interest. If being in the field is emotionally and physically drain your energy from time to time, it is time to move on from your HR career.

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