The Various HR Fields: Which One Are You Pursuing?

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“Human resource is not a thing you do, but it is a thing that runs a business, achieving the actual goals and success.” – Steve Wynn

We all know that human resource department is the heart of a company. It plays a crucial role in the day to day business. A profession in any field of human resources will give you the power in bringing changes within an organisation. At the same time, working as a human resource will help you maintain a work-life balance because any HR field can offer good flexibility, growth and big opportunity to networking, creativity, and big earnings.  

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As exciting as it sounds, there are different human resource fields that require different responsibility and possibility for different development. So, which fields do you wish to excel? To help you aim better field that aligns with your passion, here are four major fields in HR.

HR Generalist

HR generalist is full of individuals who possess a broad knowledge of human resource functions. Being in this role, you will be responsible to manage day-to-day HR operations, from administration, procedure, to programs. Because you will handle all kinds of HR tasks, being an HR generalist can be a good career starter for you who is really passionate about being human resource personnel. 

Qualifications and responsibilities

Here is a review of qualifications and responsibilities you will bear as an HR generalist. 


For the salary information, PayScale revealed that the average HR generalist salary is USD 53,274 per annum. This salary excludes bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing.

HR Specialist

Human resources specialist deals with smaller tasks in HR, including setting up company policies, benefits packages, and maintaining employee records. However, albeit it deals with smaller tasks, you need to have a good understanding of full-cycle recruiting and solid knowledge of labour legislation.

Qualification and responsibilities

To help you understand better, here are the qualifications and responsibilities you should take as an HR specialist.


The average annual salary of an HR specialist is USD 50,374. The lowest salary is USD 36K per annum and the highest is USD 73K per annum. This does not include bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing.

HR managers

Human resource managers hold higher accountability and responsibility in an organisation. As an HR manager, you are responsible to supervise generalists and consult on hiring new employees. HR manager is also the only member of the HR department in small companies and is responsible for all aspects of a company’s HR needs.

Qualifications and responsibilities

Here is what you need to be HR managers and what you will handle.


The average salary of an entry-level HR manager according to PayScale is USD 49,730/ year. Plus they will also receive other bonuses, commission, as well as profit sharing. Meanwhile, a senior HR manager can make up to USD 87,674 per annum.

HR director

Human resource director, commonly known as chief HR officer, is the highest-ranking HR position in a company and typically has overall responsibility for three areas: culture, capabilities, and talent. They might also sit on the board and advise senior leaders on HR developments and the effect of new policies on the organisation’s people and culture.

Qualification and responsibility

If you are interested to be HR director, you should carefully read on the following qualification and responsibility.


The average salary of HR director is USD 87,572 per annum. The lowest wage is USD 54K per year while the highest can reach up to USD 135K per year. This salary excludes bonus, commission, and profit-sharing. 

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