Should You Rehire Your Former Employee?

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Should You Rehire Your Former Employee?
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Getting back together with an ex-lover is a dilemma for many people. Now imagine how dilemmatic it can be to consider ‘getting back together’ with a former employee of your company. Many HR managers dwell on the decision to rehire a former employee that once quit the team. Different companies may have different policies when it comes to rehiring ex-employees, but here’s the real question; is it wise and worth it to bring them back?

To rehire or to not rehire. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this question. However, taking a closer look at all possibilities from both options may help you come up with a more objective decision-making process.

Reasons to DO REHIRE Your Former Employee

You probably have considered that hiring your former employee is the right thing to do, but you need real reasons than just a simple hunch. Here are some more objective reasons that hiring your company’s “ex-lover” is a good call:

  •  Less Culture Shock, More Time to Work

The onboarding process can be lengthy, especially the part where new hires need to learn much about the company culture. This is why you may want to consider rehiring former employees; you can actually skip the onboarding and assimilation part since they already know much about it during their previous tenure. Less time in getting used to the company culture and detailed job duties means they can get right onto the real work right away. Not only can HR leaders save time and money on the recruiting and onboarding procedures, but they also already have a good understanding of the former employee’s character, personality, and work ethics.

  •  Improved Version of Their Old Self

Having former employees back could mean getting an improved version of their old self, as they have learned more during their time in another company. This can also mean they will bring new insights which can be useful for your business. If they decide to reapply to your company, it can also indicate that your company may be better than their previous employers, be it in terms of work culture, paycheck, or other things. However, there is no sole guarantee that their comeback comes with better job performance, so you may need to reassess their skill.

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Reasons to NOT REHIRE Your Former Employee

Okay, something feels off about taking in someone who has previously left your company. While not every resignation is an unpleasant one, maybe it does not sit right to rehire a former employee who perceives your company as a safety net. Here are some reasons that you may not want to rehire your former employees:

  • They May Be Problematic

What if the reason why former employees come back to your company is that they lack the ability to perform well in their previous company? Have the issues that drove them to quit the first time been handled? Another thing you need to consider is the potential that they will depart again. It has happened earlier, so there is a risk that they will do it again for whatever reason. Pay close attention to their tenure of employment after they resigned from your company; if they only did short employment before deciding to go back to your company, maybe the problem is not their past employer, but themselves.

  • The Chance of Missing Out Better Candidates

Former employees who come back might be good performers back when they were working for you, but are they still the best candidates available? You may be passing on a stronger candidate in your talent stream because you are subconsciously preferring these former employees, thinking that this is an easy approach. In this case, consider whether they are indeed the best candidate for the position or not, as there is a potential that they are not. The fact they are applying for a position should not be used to rule out all other candidates simply because you know these former employees personally. Maintain your credentials and offer everyone a fair shot. Assess each candidate’s skills fairly, even former employees, to determine who is most suitable for the job.

So, Should You Catch the Boomerang?

While offering great advantages, there are also cons to hiring a boomerang employee. There is always a reason why an employee left in the first place. Most of the time, the reason is something that was not pleasing to employees, such as salary, culture, boss, or something else. If the root problems remain unsolved and they come back on board, they will still be unhappy as time goes by. When this goes out of hand, this will affect productivity and return on investment. In the end, the best thing an HR leader can do is to weigh the pros and cons and find the right balance.  

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