Are You Dog Lovers? Here are 12 Most Dog-Friendly Companies

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Are You Dog Lovers? Here are 12 Most Dog-Friendly Companies
Are You Dog Lovers? Here are 12 Most Dog-Friendly Companies

Many said that dogs are man’s best friend and are a better companion than other animals alike. According to research from Rover, dogs have proven themselves time and again to be loyal, kind, understanding, and have an indomitable spirit. They greet their owners, and strangers, happily even after going through a tough condition such as abandonment or animal cruelty. Dogs also make humans feel better with a wag of their tail because their wagging tail is often associated with happiness, albeit it might not be always the case. 

Moreover, another research mentioned that dogs in the workplace can provide social support for employees, as well as give more opportunities for coworkers to refresh their wellbeing, resulting in better workplace interaction. Additionally, dogs can give a calming effect, reduce blood pressure, and lower stress. If you love dogs, you would love to work at one of these most dog-friendly companies. 

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Note: The following survey list is conducted by Rover, an online platform for finding pet sitters and dog walkers. 


The Seattle-based retail giant’s pet-friendly policy is hardly a secret. Employees love to work there as the company has a dog policy that allows them to bring their pet at work. Over 7,000 dogs are registered to come to work at the company’s headquarters campus. In addition, Amazon’s dog-owning employees can buy lunches ranging from flank steak to pet-friendly, cream-filled cannolis at Just Food for Dogs. 

Advantages: Pet stipend and amenities 


Procore’s headquarter office which is located in Carpinteria provides a dog policy where employees often share pictures and video of their pups over Slack. The company even has pawties time on its main lawn to help employees refresh their mind while playing with their dogs. 

Advantages: Pet stipend, pet time off, and amenities 


At Trupanion, you can get 90 percent reimbursement from covered veterinary costs when your pet is getting sick or injured. Coverage applies to supplements and prescription pet foods prescribed by and purchased through a veterinarian for the treatment of injuries and illnesses. The headquarter is located in Seattle, Washington. 

Advantages: Pet stipend, pet time off, and amenities 


Petsmart company, whose headquarter is located in Phoenix, Arizona, does not only allow dogs in their office but the owners also have time to play in a special designated area. Petsmart also provides partial pet insurance coverage.

Advantages: Pet stipend and amenities 


Located in San Francisco, Airbnb’s pet policy is quite strict. Airbnb gives badges to employees’ dogs to be scanned every day. This is to ensure that the dogs show up in the company’s internal database. Therefore, without registering your animal, you cannot bring your pet to work. 

Advantages: Pet time off, and amenities 

Nestle Purina Petcare 

Nestle Purina, which is located in Louis, MO, offers USS$250 per pet for adoption fee stipends, allows 1 extra day for pet bereavement, and has a dog park on campus. They also hold the world record for the most pets in an office at one time, Rover reported. 

Advantages: Pet stipend, pet time off, and amenities 

Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. 

A pet retailer, Petco, allows dog and all employee’s pets in the office as well as product discounts for those employees who adopt a pet. Additionally, the company also gives employees 1 extra day of PTO for bereavement when their dog dies. The headquarter is located in San Diego, California.

Advantages: Pet time off and amenities 


Zogics’ pet policy includes a US$200 pet store gift card, 1 extra week of PTO and a lifetime supply of Zogics pet shampoo. This could be the finest equipment that a company has adopted for pet policy. The headquarter is located in Lenox, MA. 

Advantages: Pet stipend, pet time off, and amenities 


Located in New York, Ceros offers partial coverage for pet insurance. The company also shows love for their office dogs by featuring them in an annual Dogs of Ceros calendar. 

Advantages: Pet stipend, pet time off, and amenities 


Uber gives an unlimited PTO policy for its employees, meaning there is good flexibility if employees adopt a dog or need to take time for pet bereavement. The company has also outright banned pets from riding but both driver or passenger should be notified first. 

Advantages: Pet time off and amenities 


There is a room in salesforce headquarters called “puppyforce”, a spot where you can reserve a desk and bring your pet to work with you. Until today, there are approximately 300 dogs enrolled. 

Advantages: Amenities employees can work from home for two weeks when they get a dog. They also get discounted pet insurance and pet supplies. The location is in Dania Beach, FL & Boston. Massachusetts.

Advantages: Pet time off and amenities 

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