Amazon’s Dog Park: Should Your Company Have One Too?

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Pets in workplace create benefits for employers and employees alike.”

USC Dornsife

Dedicating most of your time to finish project, conduct meetings, solve problems, or complete other demanding tasks can be overwhelming and cause unnecessary stress, and stress often impacts negatively to overall organisational health. Fortunately, there are plenty methods to reduce, even eliminate, work stress. One of which is by bringing pets to your workplace. USC Dornsife in their article showed that bringing pets to work can keep employee’s spirits high and add a little comic relief. Having animals at the office is also a good way to remind employees to pause from their routine and step back from their job for a while. This way, employees can feel more cordial and productive during and/or after work day. Not to mention, many studies have also suggested that pets have calming effects, reduce blood pressure, and lower stress.

Chris Meiering, director of innovation at Zuke’s, said to AAHA that, “having pet by our side makes us happy, lower stress levels, and creates an environment that is comfortable, open, and flexible. While some offices have water cooler conversation, we have dog playtime conversations. Their presence really builds camaraderie in office.” Thus, isn’t it good to have a tail-wagging friend with you at the office?

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If you are still in doubt, let’s reflect to Amazon. This successful ecommerce giant has employed thousands of dogs in their company. As reported by Zara Stone, behind Amazon’s error 404 is not just a generic stock of images. They are real dogs you can meet. Amazon’s strategy of putting a dog in their error page is to handle dissatisfaction of their customers and promotes Amazon’s culture as an extremely cool work environment.

Further discussion shows that Amazon does not only let their employees bring theirs pet to work – they actively encourage it. It is said that dogs have become such a distinctive part of Amazon’s company culture. In fact, receptionist desks at Amazon’s facilitates are stocked with dog treats. They even have their own park where Amazon employees and non-employees can roam freely.

Manager of Amazon’s dogs, Lara Hirschfield told to VetStreet that there are about 2,000 dogs in program and about 30 percent show up on any given day. Moreover, to support dog’s present in company, “We have been really thoughtful about the type for furniture to support them, so you know – no suede”, Hirschfield said.

Some of you might still worry to adopt the same programme in your office with a reason that employees probably cannot get work done with puppies running around. Yet, Hirschfield explained that dogs in workplace is an unexpected mechanism for connection. “Our dogs add to fun, dynamic energy of our workplace,” she added. That being said, it is a pretty cool perks to attract and retain your employees.  

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