Few Things Every HR Professional Should Know

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With the rapid pace of change and advancements in technology, every work sphere has become digitised and so is the realm of human resource management. Going digital increases speed, cost-efficiency, boosts performance, productivity and helps derive the most accurate results in least amount of time.

HR professionals are required to evolve and adapt to these changes to broaden their scope of functioning to include – beyond organisational management to skill development, candidate screening, benefit administration and ensuring compliance with standard government laws.

HR professionals today are expected to wear multiple hats. They should be able to quickly adapt to changes, be knowledgeable about workplace regulations and walk the thin line between protecting organisational interests and safeguarding employee needs. Here are few things every HR professional must know to set pace with change:


  • Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

HR Professionals are required to possess sound knowledge on workings of a HRIS system, as it helps them organise employee information, manage huge chunks of employee data (names, address, titles, salaries and performance appraisal reports), benefits administration (status changes, enrollment), company-related documents, and payroll integration (company financial software and accounting systems). Hence HR professionals are required to be tech-savvy with management capabilities.

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  • Job Seeker Online Boards and Networking Forums

HR Professionals should know how to post ads on social media and other job seeker platforms, to attract passive talent to join the company. They are also required to pay attention to employer branding efforts and fiscal financial performance of the company, to position the brand on a better stage.

To ease recruitment process, HR professionals should be able to optimally utilise the data available on open source job seeker platforms, online job boards and churn out the best talent from the crowd with desired skills and experience for the most suited job role.


  • Social Media Platforms

HR Professionals should be well-versed with social media tools and be able to harness the potentials of the medium to reach out to potential talent; post ads to build the company brand and relationship with candidates even before they are official onboard.  Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are great opportunities for HR Professionals to ease their hiring and recruitment worries by campaigning on social media to announce the job offers available to the talent pool across geographies.


  • Comprehensive Understanding of the Drivers to Company Success

HR Professionals should be able to understand and comprehend drivers to company success and seek for business growth as strategic business partners of the company. They should be able to clearly align employee morale, engagement, satisfaction and trust with the productivity outcome to help the company achieve its goals and keep thriving in a  sustained momentum during economic downturns and crisis.

Sound knowledge of the above would help HR Professionals to execute their duties effectively, while aiding the business to achieve its goals and strategic vision for growth without any obstacles.

The vision of the HR manager, and the top management should be strategically aligned as to work in tandem to be able to achieve profitable business returns and propel the company to grow.

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