HR Memes of 2021 to Cheer Up Your Busy Week

November 11, 202111:45 am11852 views

2021 has been a roller coaster for businesses and HR management is not an exception. As you have been doing your best in managing to save the entire team, now it is time loosen up a bit this mid-week. So, shall we take a little break by attempting to laugh a bit here? Let’s go!

After all this time? Always.

Best HR memes

Well well, it seems that bad reps are everywhere.

This is a red flag and I am a bull

Okay, I’ll just pretend I didn’t read that one

It’s Q4, everybody!

“It’s just hiring. It isn’t that hard, right?”

I hate being called out like this

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Best HR memes

What is your career plan? -Yes.

Best HR memes

My best, Tom. I am doing my best.

best HR memes

Don’t we all?

I kinda plead guilty *winks*

Where’s the lie? I see none

It be like that sometimes

Family. That’s it. That’s the keyword.

I am jealous of everyone who can function without coffee

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