Perks You Can Give to Employee on Eid al-Fitr Celebration

May 28, 20191:54 pm1864 views

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan. It is a big celebration for Muslims all over the world after a month of fasting. When Eid al-Fitr comes, Muslims will gather in the mosque to hold Eid prayer. After that, in some cities like Yogyakarta, Indonesia, they will hold a big feast in a mosque after the prayer to express gratitude after the holy month. Does your country do that too?

Likewise, not only feast and eating together, traditionally, Eid will be celebrated differently according to a country you live in. In Indonesia, for example, formally Muslims celebrate Eid for 2 days but the celebration could last longer. They visit the elder’s house to do silaturahmi. Silaturahmi is an act to maintain a good relationship with families, relatives, and friends. They also visit the neighbourhood they never get a chance to visit.

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Differently, in the UK, Eid is only celebrated for a day and Muslims will usually take time off from work or school to extend their holiday. They also gather around, and children sometimes receive gifts from the elders. Meanwhile, Muslims in Malaysia celebrate Eid by visiting the graves of their loved ones. They pray to God to forgive sins of the dead and those who are still alive. They will also clean and decorate the tomb as a form of appreciation and followed by reading Quran. Apart from the differences in how the holy day is celebrated in various countries, Eid al-Fitr typically symbolises togetherness.

Moreover, as it can symbolise an act of togetherness, many businesses and organisations also hold Eid celebration in their office to maintain a good relationship and respect Muslim workers. They usually celebrate it by giving perks and financial bonuses to employees. What about your organisation?

As the Eid is approaching, you can show that you respect and care about your employees by celebrating it together with these simple perks.

Offer employees to do volunteer for zakat or feast – Muslims know that zakat is obligatory alms that should be given at the end of Ramadan. Zakat al-Fitr means to share 2.5 percent of revenue or finance of each family member to a poor family or the homeless. Its purpose is to help those in needs to feel blessed on the day of Eid along with the rest of other Muslims.

More than just sharing, allowing your employees to be part of the volunteer activities can also increase employee engagement and this can be your company’s best value. According to a survey, volunteerism affects positively on employee well-being and health. It can also instil company value, help attract and retain employees, generate team building, as well as improve your company’s image on society.   

Give parcel – Giving parcel to employees as a symbol of caring can also be a good option. Usually, a parcel is filled with basic foods, cookies, or cake. But you can give away parcel according to what your employee wants and needs.  

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Provide bonuses – Another option to celebrate Eid in your office is by giving bonuses. Just like any other bonuses, money is given by employers to workers as an Eid allowance.

Extended holiday – In a non-Muslim country especially, offices only provide a day for Eid holiday. However, Eid is such a big celebration for your Muslim employees. Therefore, it will be very appreciated by employees if they have extended paid holiday. It can also have positive outcomes for your company as when employees are happy for their long holiday, their productivity and performance will surely increase when they come back to work.   

Hold a feast in the office with employee’s family – Eid is identical with food and togetherness. Therefore, you can invite employee’s family to have a feast celebration in your office. It can also be a good strategy to maintain a good relationship between company and employees’ family. Likewise, this perk can be one of employee recognition strategy on Eid. You can recognise each employee’s hard work in front of their family and show them how much you care about their overall wellbeing and happiness. Additionally, don’t forget to serve traditional food of Eid al-Fitr.

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