Ministry Manpower Urges Companies to Pay Eid Allowance Without Delay

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Ministry Manpower Urges Companies to Pay Eid Allowance Without Delay
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As Ramadan is here, Indonesia’s Manpower Ministry has appealed to companies to pay the 2022 Eid al-Fitr allowance (Tunjangan Hari Raya – THR) to their employees promptly. The ministry also expects companies with high profits to increase the allowance.

Secretary-general of the ministry Anwar Sanusi said on Monday (Apr 11) that the appeal was made after the ministry issued Circular Number M/1/HK.04/IV/2022 on April 6, 2022, regarding the implementation of THR in 2022. “THR will be more enjoyable for workers/laborers as the prices of basic necessities have increased recently. More THR will also make workers more enthusiastic and productive when they return to work after celebrating Eid al-Fitr,” he added.

Sanusi said that companies have been advised to pay THR without delay. He expressed the hope that, like in the previous year, the implementation of the 2022 THR provision would be carried out effectively. One of the efforts made by the ministry to ensure this is the establishment of a virtual THR command post to assist workers and employers. The post will also serve as a place for people to seek consultations and make complaints concerning the implementation of THR in 2022, ANTARA News reports.

In addition to providing help virtually, the Ministry of Manpower has also provided face-to-face complaint and consultation services. Sanusi said he hoped that the THR command post would become a support for the implementation of THR provision. He further said he expected all complaints and consultations would be responded to well.

“It is hoped that the THR command post, which has been prepared virtually, will be used by the provincial, district, and city Manpower Offices to convey to companies in their area so that we can monitor how complaints and consultations are submitted to,” he added.

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