Top 10 Companies with Diversity & Inclusion Efforts to Work for in 2021: Survey 

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Top 10 Companies with Diversity & Inclusion Efforts to Work for in 2021: Survey 
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Research shows that the more diverse organisations, the better they will perform and provide for employees. Significant numbers of companies are embracing inclusivity as part of their strategy and reaping the rewards of their investment. Generally, companies that focus on diversity and inclusion efforts, following a moral code, would prosper steadily – or even better – than their competitors. They will capture more diverse talents and bring more to their bottom lines. 

What do diversity and inclusion mean for employees and job seekers? 

As for job seekers and employees, working in diverse and inclusive environments could create and encourage a sense of belonging among employees. When employees feel more connected at work, they tend to work harder and smarter, producing quality work. A study also mentioned that diverse teams make a more effective decision 73 percent of the time, while the all-male teams’ success rate is only 58 percent. The more inclusive a workforce is, teams can make decisions 2 times faster and with half meetings. Ethically, diverse teams are more likely to have above-average profits. As a result, organisations that adopt better D&I practices see huge gains in the form of business results, innovation, and decision-making. 

10 companies with successful Diversity & Inclusion practices you can apply and work for in 2021 

Glassdoor recently introduced a feature that allows employees to measure renewed diversity and inclusion efforts. It releases its annual list of the top-rated companies and employers that have been lauded for recent diversity and inclusion efforts. Without further ado, here’s what employees at this year’s top-rated companies to work had to say: 

1. Bain & Company 

“They have put forth a very thoughtful COVID response plan, and really upped their game on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the wake of recent events in the US.” 

While a September review noted a lack of diversity in the leadership team, it acknowledged active efforts to improve. The company recently announced a coalition with The Bridgespan Group and 30+ organisations

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“The core values at NVIDIA – intellectual honesty, innovation, speed, excellence and working as one team – are ingrained into everything we do. The culture is inclusive, the hierarchy is flat, the work is rewarding and the people are super smart. I’ve been here for about three years and am so thrilled to be able to do the best work of my life.”

Despite a promise of inclusivity, reviews suggest the company is wanting diversity and they are working on it. A former employee said in November that “everyone is male and diversity is actively discouraged in the data centres,” seconded by a current employee who said in December the company is “lacking in diversity including age and gender.”

3. In-N-Out Burger

“Amazing people, awesome leadership, I feel cared about every single day and we make the best burgers on the planet!”

This West Coast favourite has been accused of discrimination by age and race in the past, but it was recently listed as one of Forbes’s top 500 employers for diversity in 2020. In the recent reviews, current and former employees rarely mention diversity and inclusion, leaving potential employees to decide for themselves whether the company has made sufficient progress. 

4. HubSpot

“The support leadership has shown through thoughtful programs, WFH reimbursement, and flexibility has been next level.”

While past reviews note room for improvement, one citing a lack of age diversity, others note a commitment to doing better. 

5. McKinsey & Company

“Caring company culture, great benefits, friendly coworkers, and lots of internal opportunities.”

While some reviews from current employees acknowledged diverse efforts, others were highly critical. Current employees said, “They also talk about diversity, but there is no diversity at all in the office”. Other comments noted a lack of diversity in leadership positions, especially Black and Latin employees.

6. Google

“People here are very smart and motivated, and they put a HUGE emphasis on work-life balance. Compensation is good too!”

While Google announced new initiatives to support racial equality, the multinational conglomerate has been embroiled in controversy around the treatment of minorities. As one current employee noted, “Weird stories pop-up sometimes on diversity and inclusion.”

7. Delta Air Lines

“Especially with COVID, management’s priority has been the wellbeing and comfort of employees.”

Reviews regarding diversity and inclusion at Delta Air Lines are sparse on Glassdoor, but several recent reviews note that while diversity and inclusion are valued, their efforts are lacking. 

8. lululemon

“Lululemon is exceptional at communicating with its employees and listening to feedback.”

Although noted at the 8th best, a few Glassdoor reviews mentioned diversity felt it was lacking across multiple locations. Founded as a retailer of yoga wear, the American company built its success on the practice that originated in ancient India, but the most recent review advises management to step up their diversity and inclusion efforts.

9. Microsoft

“Good Work/Life Balance, teamwork, great culture, flexibility to pursue my intellectual goal & challenge my potential.”

More than 100 employee reviews mention diversity and inclusion at this multinational company. Of those who mentioned the D&I practices, many of them were positive. While one notes diversity in management positions could be improved, there was a list that said “too much” diversity – although they provide no details on how that might be a con. 

10. H E B

“Amazing company. Awesome managers. Great pay with regular raises. Super fun work environment and I adore my coworkers.”

H-E-B Company is smaller than many others on the list, operating chiefly in Texas and northeast Mexico. The reviews note the work is not easy and customers can be difficult. But many are positive about the company which made Forbes’ 2020 list of Best Employers for Diversity (182 out of 500).

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