Importance of Employer Branding

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Importance of Employer Branding
Importance of Employer Branding

Today, people go beyond looking for branded clothes, bags and shoes. They look for ‘branded’ employers too. Employer brand is one of the factors that job seekers are looking for when choosing a company to work for.

Employer branding is the strategy that companies use to attract top talents and to establish relationships between existing employees and the company. It is closely related to the reputation the company has as an employer.

Just like consumers rather choose a bag with a famous brand, employees prefer to work for reputable companies. It is so important to build a strong employer brand.

Take a look at the reasons why employer branding is so important today.

  • Inadequate skilled labour

Every single company out there is competing to recruit the top talents. Companies that are seen as attractive employers have an edge over the rest when it comes to recruiting talents.

  • Cost effectiveness

All companies wish to increase their productivity, to achieve more with less. By being an attractive employer, talents would be attracted to work for the company. Hiring the right people for the job can help attain cost effectiveness.

  • Employee retention

A strong employer brand increases staff loyalty, making them more willing to work for the company. This helps a lot in retaining your talents.

  • Profitability and Growth

In order for companies to see growth and profits, recruiting and retaining talents play a big role. With a strong employer brand, hiring talents and keeping them on your side would be made much easier.

  • Popularity

Most aspire to work for reputable companies. When making a choice on which company to work for, the one seen with a strong employer brand would be more attractive.

Work towards building a strong employer brand today!


Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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