Employer Branding: A Proven Strategic Approach in Talent Acquisition

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Employer Branding: A Proven Strategic Approach in Talent Acquisition
Employer Branding: A Proven Strategic Approach in Talent Acquisition

Among the many assets of an organization, manpower still remains one of the most important. If a company is willing to grow exponentially in its line of industry then it must have a strong team of think tanks that will help creatively drive the business forward. There is value for the investor’s money in acquiring the best talents for his company; critically talented individuals bring in more sales as we as establish a unique level of competitiveness in the marketplace. On the other hand, candidates that can warranty strategic contribution to an organization are looking to work not only with prestigious companies but also anywhere where they feel their talents belong. This is where employer branding come into play.

More and more companies, big or small, are recognizing the value of establishing employer branding. As acquiring talents become laborious and a costly process, human resource  management see to it that with the right branding activities the qualified candidates will approach them instead, saving the company time and money in the process. In a much greater sense, the human resource  management team is technically “marketing” their company to rightful candidates that will help catapult the organization forward.

Employer branding is not new

This concept has long existed and practiced by well-known companies, however in a manner that does not embody an all-out marketing effort like in a product or service. Branding is limited to press releases, mass advertising of the company’s product or service as well as timey public relations activities. Like any other traditional branding activities huge sums of money are involved, limiting the number of companies that can participate in a similar way. Hence, smaller organizations with equally good working environment disappear in the background with no potential talented candidate interested to join them. With branding, any smaller organization can now compete fair and square in talent acquisition.

Here’s a short list of the benefits of employing branding in human resource   management:

A good break to the usual pattern. In opening a new and important position, companies will either hire a head hunter or actively search for qualified candidates themselves by sending emails. The process is long and tedious as there is need to qualify and interview each candidate that replies. However, imagine qualified candidates directly contacting you instead, with or without open position. What you get is talent pipeline.

Cost per hire is significantly lower. Talent acquisition costs time and money; even though a budget is set for the talent acquisition team they are likewise expected to save on cost by reducing their sourcing cycle in that they should hit the right number of talents at the right time. Inbound interest is easily generated through several branding activities both online and offline.

Your whole workforce becomes strong advocates. At play here is people trusting other people. Employer branding forces the company to stick to their commitment to workforce satisfaction. A working environment with a culture that promotes healthy professional as well as personal growth creates happy employees; and happy employees tell others. It’s that simple.

A brand of a product is a promise of benefit to its user; the same applies to employer branding. Career growth, moral conduct of work and business as well as healthy competition are just some of the promises a real talent looks for. If such promises are present in your organization then there is good reason to consider branding techniques.


Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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