Singaporean Employees Enjoy Gender Parity in the Workplace: JobStreet Survey

June 25, 20185:25 pm1699 views

While the fight is not over in the struggle for gender equality, recent study conducted by online job portal suggested that this value is well-upheld in Singapore’s working environment. According to the report, both male and female employees in the country said they enjoy almost equal treatment in terms of performance evaluations, pay raises, and training opportunities.

JobStreet’s Gender Equality Survey aimed to gain insights towards fairness in the workplace. Of the 474 respondents involved in the survey, about 3 in 4 (77 percent) said there is no discrimination related to gender at the companies they are currently working in.

Among key findings of the survey noted that more females are now hired in industries that were once traditionally dominated by male. For example, more female employees are increasingly taking on roles in the engineering industries. The survey revealed that majority (73 percent) respondents in the engineering service sectors indicated that there is a fair mix of genders in their industry (mechanical, electrical, and others).

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This finding is in line with a 2016 survey conducted by SingStat which found that there is a higher ratio of females who pursued first and higher education degrees in engineering circa 2014, compared with a decade ago.

On the other hand, traditionally female-dominated sectors such as education and medical healthcare still remained attracting more females than males to work in the industries.

The low rate of discrimination in Singapore can be attributed to the strict laws and regulatory bodies that function to keep workplace discrimination in check. However, it does not mean that workplace discrimination is nonexistent in the country. Across respondents of both genders, 23 percent admitted they had experienced some form of discrimination while they are at work. Nearly half (45 percent) of those discriminated even deemed the extent of their experiences severe.

Those working in in the construction, building and engineering (41 percent) as well as the hotel and hospitality industries (44 percent) reported more occurrence of discrimination. Given this statistics, HR personnel working in these industries need to consider implementing initiatives that would help promote happiness and fairness at work as well as helping affected employees find recourse.

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