Singaporean Computer Society Introduces Digital Proficiency Skills Courses to Help Non-IT Professionals

July 19, 20189:49 am1239 views

A new set of training programmes was launched by Singapore Computer Society on Thursday (Jun 12). Named as the Digital Proficiency Programme (DigiPro), the programme aims to help busy professionals, managers, executives and technicians, who do not own an IT background achieve digital proficiency skills. For a start, the programmes will include short modular courses in crucial areas such as cyber security, business data and insights, content creation, as well as personal branding.

Speaking at the programme launch at Mandarin Orchard Singapore hotel, Manpower Minister Josephine Teo called the initiative as a step towards building an a agile workforce that is vital to meet future challenges. She said that the future of work is continuously being shaped and no one knows exactly how it will turn out or how to prepare for it. However, she added, it can be rewarding and there is nothing wrong with staying ahead of the competition.

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She said, “This means that we will need an agile workforce and agile businesses that are always alert to emerging trends, always checking what works, what doesn’t, always seeking to be better.”

Mrs. Teo commented that while the advancement of technology would help reduce the business’ reliance on manpower in some areas of industry, growing companies might still have to hire more people to fill other newer jobs in their organisation. As technology is predicted to boost productivity, this will make wages to go up high as well, she added.

Therefore, she suggested that workers should take benefits from this trend by upgrading their old skills in declining business. Employers need to give them chance to reskill and be redeployed, Straits Times reports.

Mr. Tan Kiat How, chief executive of the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore, said the Singapore Computer Society initiative will help develop digitally skilled professionals, and thus bringing Singapore closer to its goal of becoming a global digital economy.

“There is a strong demand for tech-savvy professionals across the economy as digital transformation of industries and businesses picks up pace,” he added.

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