Career Women: 98% Asian Women Actively Pursue Flexible Jobs

November 28, 20189:49 am3667 views

Do you know that not only will technology be our future, but also flexible working?

Flexible work gives benefits not only for employees, but also company. Providing workers an option to flexibly arrange their work schedule can be one of best methods to attract more talented and experienced workers regardless of geographical boundaries. A study on flexible working commissioned by Hopscotch Work has revealed that nearly two-thirds women in Asia said they faced challenges in their career. About 6 in 10 women attribute this issue to the lack of flexible working options, while 4 in 10 said they do not find suitable jobs after career break or maternity leave.

Other findings of Hopscotch study showed that a great majority (98 percent) of women want to pursue flexible job roles, with the option would be hours or locations. Almost all respondents prefer to get a job with flexible hours or remote jobs with flexible locations. Additionally, 29 percent women said that lack of training and support could worry them, while over a quarter felt society’s expectations were holding them back from pursuing a flexible job. The study also noted that the majority of respondents (75 percent) were less than happy with their current career status.

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Another survey found that more employers are recognising the advantages of flexible working that they began to implement and adopt this method to gain more benefits such as improved retention (74 percent) and employee commitment (67 percent). Flexible working has also proved to be a solutions to looming redundancies and to enabling your employees to creatively improve their own career path.

The survey also showed that flexible working is and will be our future. It revealed that 80 percent of employers are prepared to consider this request to work flexibly, regardless of whether or not employees have legal right to do so.  

All in all, most women feel that flexible working will help them move forward, either for improving work-life balance or accelerating up their career ladder. Not only that, by providing flexible working, you can give your employees, especially working mothers, to take care of their child needs, to make time for study, as well as to improve their commute. As a result, you will have happily engaged employees who work hard and are willing to stick around working with you for longer period of time.

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