8 in 10 Malaysian Employees Expect a Yearly Bonus: Survey

March 14, 20199:08 am624 views

Recent survey commissioned by Randstad Malaysia revealed that majority (83 percent) employees in the country are expecting a yearly bonus, averaging between one and two months salary.

According to Randstad Malaysia Country Director Ryan Carroll, employees were looking forward to receive the rewards in the form of yearly bonus for their contributions and loyalty to the organisations. This sentiment was found higher in employees who had stayed with their employers amid major political changes and business transformation projects, Bernama reports.

“While 98% of the survey respondents agreed that receiving a bonus is important to their engagement with the company, 59% said it was not the only factor that would make them start considering the possibility of a job change,” he said in a statement issued on Monday (Mar 11).

Mr. Caroll said there was a combination of factors that motivate a valued employee to leave the company. “Our 2018 employer brand research found the top reason people gave for resigning was due to a limited career path.

“Companies that are able to benefit from a highly-engaged workforce are those that continuously present their staff with opportunities to develop and grow within the organisation,” he added.

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