7 Types of Employees and How to Motivate Them

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More than just employee benefits package, leader’s thorough understanding of the team members’ characteristics also plays a big role in building a solid teamwork. Chris Roebuck said that employees’ performance comes from 57 percent rational and 43 percent emotional, and 80 percent of their emotional motivation is directly controlled by their managers. Without the balance of rational and emotional, your employees will likely give poor performance at work.

Since emotional motivation highly serves as individual’s desire to achieve goals, you should inspire your employees by understanding and identifying their different personalities. Likewise, understanding their different personality traits can encourage your employees to be the best version of themselves.

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However, you will often find it gruelling to deal with people from different backgrounds and personalities in the workplace. Even the most accomplished leaders still find it challenging to manage a widely diverse team. Fear not, you should understand that every employee you have now is a new door to a different world. They are your power in building a successful company. Here are 7 common personalities and how to motivate them.

01   The healer – Healers are imaginative idealist. They are also creative and adaptive. They value and highly concern about other people’s growth as much as theirs.  While they love challenge, they tend to be easily bored. Therefore, recognising their creativity by rewarding for innovation can be your challenge.

Motivate them by tapping into their creative mind. You should provide stimulating environment to pull out the best of their creativity. Also, you should avoid giving them frequent routine as they are easily bored and can be demotivated by it quickly. Instead, you can add challenges for them to solve in a unique creative way.

02   The visionary – Visionaries are people who have talents in analysing, understanding and influencing other people. They also enjoy challenging ideas and intellectual banter. They are good at things that interest them and are aware of any possibilities. They can also be your sources of problem solving.

Motivate them by encouraging them to approach in unstructured way – prove them that tasks cannot be done easily. Their love of challenge will motivate them to prove you wrong. Their great mind of problem-solving can be their great weapon to solve any difficult task in team.

03   The provider – Providers are sensitive to the needs of others and are energetic. They are eager to please and prefer to work in a harmonic and cooperative environment. Their intuition of taking care of others can be your great asset to make your team solid.

Motivate them by telling them that a task is going to improve someone’s circumstances. They give great response to work that allows them to follow through until they see the best result.

04   The supervisor – Supervisor are hardworking and keen to be in charge. They are an organized, honest, traditional, principled, and conscientious people. They has ability to make difficult task look simple and easy. However, the supervisors are hard to adapt to change. They prefer to line in the familiar circumstances.

Motivate them by providing them with a list of clear, tangible outcomes for a project and encouraging them to make progress to the management roles. They need to be reminded that they are capable of progression. As they do not have good adaptability, you should give a constant approach so they can feel a sense of belonging in the team.

05   The inspector – Inspectors tend to be introverted, but not isolated. They are keen to understand how they can participant and concern themselves with ensuring that standards are met. They are brilliant. Their focus on concrete data makes them an excellent analyst. They are very direct with facts and do not like to assume anything. They are quiet and reserved individual who have potential to lead many significant achievements in different areas.

Motivate them by telling that the completion of a task rests entirely on them. Their great analytical intuition can help you solve problem according to facts. You can work with them to create detailed plans of action that can follow with little deviation.

06   The performer – Performers are spontaneous, energetic, warm, and talkative. They particularly like to be the centre of attention as they have strong interpersonal skills. They also are sympathetic and concerned for other’s well-being.

Motivate them by showing how impressed others will be if they complete the tasks. You should also allow them to be spontaneous as they love excitement and a spice of drama. Addressing them to a different situation until they see fit can also help them improve their productivity

07   The democrat – Democrats seek freedom more than any other personalities. They are more independent and autonomous. They like roles that offer freedom where they control their own time and can make their own decision.

Motivate them by sharing the company vision and goals, delegating responsibility and allowing them to work autonomously. You should also support them to understand their values and clarify their vision for their life and work. As good as possible, you should be clear and specific about objectives but you should also create clear boundaries to give them the freedom.

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