4 Key Defining Traits of Progressive HR Leaders

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With global economy growing exponentially and surge in demand for HR professionals across markets, demand need for progressive HR leaders is also increasing. Progressive HR leaders possess the risk-taking ability to think out of the box and look beyond for opportunities that seem lost in existence.

As we all know, the role of a HR leader is more about being a “people’s person”, they need to possess a careful understanding on how teams work and what makes people continue with a company. This is done by taking into consideration reasons for dissatisfaction, frustration and lack of motivation on jobs to perform better.

Progressive HR leaders are more focused towards attaining business objectives, while cementing relevance between now and the future. Some of the key traits that define progressive HR leaders of tomorrow are as illustrated below:

  • They empower team to become experts

Progressive HR leaders guide, motivate and train the team with future generation technologies and skill sets that keeps them ahead of the competition. They aim to create experts in a team by carefully understanding the behavioural traits, attitudes, goals, skill sets and personality of an individual employee to sync in tandem with organisational objectives. This will help achieve long term growth plans of the company.

Progressive HR leaders empower the team leaders to visualise how a high performing team would look like, and replicate those changes in workings to elevate confidence levels of employees.

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  • Help Understand Organisational Functioning

Progressive HR leaders train and motivate workforce to help them understand the company work culture, core philosophies of business, ethics, product, customers, the teams and provide insights on how things actually work within the company. Team leaders in a progressive HR environment are empowered to be trained coaches with high accessibility to guide the team for better performance with speed, accuracy and consistency.

  • They use technology to their advantage

Progressive HR leaders use the most of technology to their advantage to identify leaders in the organisation with tremendous potential to be the key drivers of change. They also provide technology assistance to team leaders to help them bridge communication gaps with their team members.

They further coach and train individuals in a manner that is universally accepted and recognised, to deliver superior performance by employees, irrespective of their employment status – be it full time, part-time or freelance.

  • Predict engagement levels to accelerate performance

Future HR leaders predict the engagement levels of employees by measuring their performance during a period. Progressive HR leaders empower business heads to predict engagement levels of employees or of an individual, even before it actually impacts the progress of a project.

Engagement levels are monitored at the individual level to maintain a weekly pulse on the technologies that have revolutionised workings in the HR space. Human resource as a function is on the cross-roads, and it’s only a matter of time that we learn from our mistakes and work towards building smarter workplaces of the future.

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