Business Continuity Supports for Singapore Firms during the COVID-19 Pandemic

June 29, 20205:53 pm2431 views
Business Continuity Supports for Singapore Firms during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Business Continuity Supports for Singapore Firms during the COVID-19 Pandemic

JustLogin, the award winning Human Resource (HR) cloud platform has been offering businesses up to 5 months free usage for their cloud-based HR apps, which includes their Payroll, Attendance, and Leave management modules, to help them tide through the COVID-19 outbreak.

As a result of lockdowns being implemented in the wake of the pandemic, most businesses who are still using a traditional modus operandi are facing challenges including lack of knowledge of using cloud-based solutions to effectively manage a remote workforce, not being able to efficiently monitor the performance of their employees as they work remotely, and how to keep their employees adequately engaged as some people struggle with the dilemmas of working from home.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of cloud-based solutions for businesses as they look to adapt to this ‘new normal’. As they say, the only constant in the world is change. So as business owners, we should not fear change but should embrace and adapt to it. Businesses that still persist with the traditional model will certainly be left out as more businesses adopt new and innovative ways to operate and become more efficient.”, said Kwa Kim Chiong, CEO of JustLogin.

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A poll that was conducted during a joint webinar with found that 80.7 percent of businesses have accelerated their HR tech adoption in response to the pandemic. During the webinar, founder and CEO of, Sriram Iyer also commented, “We are in an unprecedented moment in human history, organisations have to adapt to economic uncertainty and also massive workforce related changes. It is a defining moment for HR teams to adapt to whatever changes that are happening quickly with the latest tech solutions.”

Since the start of the Circuit Breaker, JustLogin has been holding weekly business continuity webinars for business owners and HR practitioners to help them learn more about remote working, managing employee engagement and performance, and even tips to improve cash flow. The webinars were organised in partnerships with various industry partners including Workforce Singapore, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SME Centre @ Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as fellow HR tech partners like Synergita, RecruiterPal and EngageRocket. The webinar series has been popular with SMEs, with outreach to over 2000 businesses till date.

In light of the new safe management measures by the government in the reopening of the economy, JustLogin has also released a new solution called ‘SafeClock’ that integrates a contactless temperature scanning device with JustLogin’s full suite of employee attendance, rostering and human resource system, to enable employers to track employees’ time attendance and health easily as employees return to the workplace.

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