2 in 5 Employees Want Hybrid Working Arrangement After Pandemic

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2 in 5 Employees Want Hybrid Working Arrangement After Pandemic
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Randstad Singapore revealed in a recent study that 42 percent of local respondents want a combination of working from home and going to the office after the pandemic. A further 14 percent of respondents said that they want to work from home all the time.

Randstad Singapore recently releases the latest survey results of the Randstad Workmonitor survey, which highlights the greatest concerns and challenges candidates are facing in the employment market. The survey was conducted in October across 34 markets around the world, with a minimum of 400 respondents in each market.

Jaya Dass, Managing Director at Randstad, Malaysia & Singapore, said, ”Candidate and employee expectations are changing, and it is important for organisations to meet these desires. It is critical for employers to realise that the future of work is already here. Companies will need to start redesigning their workforce structure to incorporate flexible work arrangements while retaining its organisational culture, staff engagement and work productivity.”    

The survey further reveals that 19 percent of respondents want flexible working hours and 11 percent want to work from home whenever they want.

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Employers need to take note of changing candidate expectations in the ‘new normal’

Local employees and job seekers also have other expectations that may have arisen due to the global healthcare crisis. Here are the top five values and initiatives that workers expect from their employers in a post-COVID-19 world.

I would like or expect the following values/initiatives in a job post-COVID-19
Salary protection 61%
Training opportunities 44%
Health policies and safety protocols 39%
Job security 37%
Health insurance 34%

Dass explained, “There is a much higher expectation on employers to step up to ensure their workers’ safety and employability this year. While there is no rush for companies to fulfill all these new expectations all at once, especially smaller companies with fewer resources, employers need to be aware of the gaps in the ‘new normal’. Managers should also have honest discussions with their employees and candidates to manage their expectations, right from the interview process.”

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