Top 8 Rules of Recruitment Hacking for HR Professionals

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Administrative tasks consume major part of the day for in-house recruiters, while they do not prove to be the most time-intensive. Recruitment Hacking is about using technology and new ideas to cut-down on low value activities. So you can focus on the high value activities that help you get the right people for your business.

Recruitment Hacking is a set of practical tools and techniques that simply help the in-house recruiter to be more successful.

According to a study conducted by Cornerstone OnDemand on a European focus group of 53 in-house recruiters revealed, the administrative hours could have both productivity and financial ramifications for businesses, with the accumulated time equating to more than an entire work day each week in lost time.

Recruitment hacking may be “new concept” but recruiters have been doing this kind of stuff for many years. And as recruiting moves so fast, keeping up with the technological advancements and changes is critical for hiring success. Right now it’s a candidate led market and the recruiters that can track down and hire the best talent win.

“Recruiters have to work really hard to get noticed and even harder to persuade the best talent to join them. In order to accomplish this, they will need to reduce process inefficiencies and increase personalisation – both of which can be addressed through recruitment hacking techniques,” said recruitment expert Peter Gold, who worked with Cornerstone on the study.

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The study reveals, “A recruiter only spends around 25% of their time actually talking to or meeting with decent candidates which means 75% of their time is “wasted” on admin, social, and email etc.”

Close to two thirds (62 percent) hiring managers said, they wish they could automate searching for candidates, and more than half (58 percent) wished to automate arranging interviews with candidates, and 47 percent want to use technology to streamline reviewing CVs and applications.

“The research aspect of recruitment roles is proving to be a time-intensive task for many of the respondents, and coupled with so much time spent on administration, it is clear that there are burdens that in-house recruiters need help with. To attract the best talent, requires automating the right parts of the process, allowing more time for relationship-building and assessing a good fit from both sides,” added Vincent Belliveau, senior vice president and general manager, EMEA, Cornerstone OnDemand.

However today, software exists to help recruiting efforts by taking more control of the candidate and hiring manager’s time, to increase efficiencies.

As a recruitment hacker you should be looking every day at how many interviews you have planned even if they are being done by someone else; just make sure they are happening. Focus your attention on this one metric and the rest will happen because one guarantee is that no interviews = no hires.

Top 8 Rules of Recruitment Hacking

  1. The first rule of recruitment hacking is to cheat. Sourcing candidates is hard graft so get other people to find the next hire.
  2. Use self-service functionality such as interview scheduling.
  3. Delegate the interview process as much as you can, such as to avoid shouldering the burden of recruiting the best talent alone.
  4. Steal budget from job advertising, as it won’t get you passive candidates and top-level talent anyways.
  5. Swipe and deploy ideas from other industries, such as growth hacking which focuses mainly on “traffic to online conversions (i.e. sales)” whereas recruitment hacking focused on “face-to-face interviews to new hires.”
  6. Ask for referrals from candidates and line managers.
  7. Use third-party sources to help with the hard work and extra effort in case you have no time to conduct background research and candidate screening.
  8. Make most of technology to add value to your recruitment efforts and streamlining activities by automating the process of candidate screening to save on time and costs.

The concept of recruitment hacking is all about making time to recruit so don’t get sucked into doing too much farming.

The survey results are further detailed in Cornerstone OnDemand’s eBook, “Recruitment Hacking: Hire the Best First,” written for in-house recruiters with hard-to-fill vacancies and high volume roles with few appropriate applicants.

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