Top 3 Recruitment Blogs for Recruiters to Read

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Every recruiter has to keep themselves updated with the latest information in the recruitment industry. Whether you are new to recruiting or an old professional, there is always something new to learn about the profession and ways to make yourself better at what you do. One of the best ways to do that in today’s world is through the help of experienced recruiters and HR experts who share their skills on blogs, both independently and through their recruitment agencies.
Who does not love blogs? Blogs are more active, faster, and have newer cum fresher content than websites. Moreover, they are a hub of reader participation and interaction, and they provide some excellent insights and opinions into the topic of their choosing. By regularly reading career blogs, you are able to obtain the recent news and fresh insights the industry has to offer.
Take some time to subscribe the blogs, so that you can be an outstanding recruiter and help your company as well as both candidates and clients. Here is a list of several best recruitment blogs in no particular order, based on Be The Recruiter:

1. Recruiting Blogs

The name says it all. The site is an active hub of recruitment and HR discussion. It provides topical blog posts, industry discussions, webinar & video content, event information, a dedicated recruiting HR job board, and a selection of white papers.
Through the Recruiting Blogs site you can read through dozens of blogs from recruiters and hiring professionals. With so many contributors, there’s always something new and helpful to read. Anyone can submit a blog post and share their knowledge with the community, which makes for very diverse reading and a wide range of viewpoints and opinions on a plethora of relevant recruitment topics.

2. ERE

It is a community blog with prompt delivery of need-to-know information and opinion pieces specifically aimed at corporate recruiting professionals. The blog is written by those in the recruitment field. You will hear from experts, agencies, and HR pros on a wide range of issues.
Created in 1998, ERE is an online gathering place for recruiters to network, share best practices and above all else, learn from each other. ERE is not only a good site for corporate recruiting opinion pieces, it is the place for corporate opinion pieces.
If a survey has been released to do with any aspect of the industry, ERE will be there first to tell you how it’s going to affect you, your job and your hires, and how you can deal with it in the best way. Many of ERE’s insights are priceless. Ignore this blog at your career’s peril.

3. Fistful of Talent

Arguably one of the best blog resources on the web for those who work in recruiting, HR, or talent consulting. The site does not provides all the boring HR stuff like legal issues and employee relations tactics – just the sexy stuff. Also, you will get a chance to hear from some of the best-known experts in the field through regular posts.

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