Singapore Leads Charts of Top Asian Countries for Expat Women to Live

March 15, 20189:33 am893 views

Besides being the top destination for global expats for the third year in a row, HSBC’s 2017 Expat Explorer survey puts Singapore on the top list of best countries in Asia for expat women to live in.

Singapore leads the top three destinations with 18 percent of expat women currently living in the country, followed by Hong Kong (14 percent) and South Korea (10 percent). Also emerging in the list are Japan, China, India, and Malaysia. These countries are ranked as an excellent for place for expat females to pursue their career and increase their earnings potential.

According to the report, since the 1990s women’s participation in the global workforce has been steady at about 40 percent. This trend is attributed to the increasing number of women getting higher education and thus having broader choice of employment options, including the opportunity of working overseas.

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The survey noted that nearly 8 in 10 female expats are employed, either full-time (64 percent), part-time (6 percent), or even self-employed (7 percent). These figures suggest a far cry from the traditional view of women as trailing spouses, as only less than 10 percent expat females are stay-at-home partner. Further, almost 50 percent expat women in Asia are employed in education, financial services or marketing and media, India Times reports.

When it comes to job security, 50 percent expat women rated Japan and Taiwan as the best countries, with Singapore came in the second place with 49 percent, and Hong Kong following closely behind at 47 percent. Meanwhile, India and China are placed at fourth and fifth with 45 percent and 41 percent respectively.

For those expat females who are seeking for personal fulfillment at work, the survey noted that the best places in Asia are as following: Singapore (56 percent), China (48 percent), India (48 percent), Hong Kong (47 percent) and Indonesia (41 percent).

In countries in Asia, a majority of expat women come from the west part of the world. However, a significant proportion also comes from the region as trade and investments within the continent continue to grow, the survey added.

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