Singapore IT Professionals with Sound Communication and Presentation Skills in Demand

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Information technology (IT) professionals with sound communication and presentation skills face an abundance of job openings in Singapore as multinational companies set up support sites in the country, according to recruiting experts Hays in Singapore.

This is one key finding from the Hays Quarterly Report, for the October to December quarter, which gains an insight into the recruitment market.

Lynne Roeder, Managing Director for Hays in Singapore, says: “MNC’s have placed greater focus on an IT candidate’s soft skills because adequate communication and presentation skills will be needed in the process of driving global roll-outs with their US and European partners.”

“Those companies with Asia-Pacific support sites in Singapore will prefer candidates with global or regional exposure.” Despite a slowdown, the role of Singapore as a regional economic centre will remain unchanged as companies in various industries look for capable engineers and managers to reinforce their growth.

Candidates in Singapore, battered by the economic slowdown, are now looking for stability, making it difficult for employers to secure right people to bolster their business development, according to Lynn.

“High-skilled candidates are more likely to hold more than one job offer at a time”, says Lynn. “Employers will have to move fast to secure their preferred ones.”

We also find that demand for temporary roles will increase in the quarter amid a rising number of new projects. Many contractors and temporary employees are expected to receive packages similar to what permanent staff receive.

Another new trend we have seen is that some employers will likely seek new hires from outside of Singapore in the face of a candidate-short market. Foreign professionals in the sectors of healthcare, cold chain logistics, e-commerce will likely be the top beneficiaries of an active hiring by Singaporean companies.

According to the Hays Quarterly Report for October to December, demand is highest for the following skilled professionals:

  • Accountancy & Finance:

Financial and Management Accountants – Many businesses are now placing a greater emphasis on accurate forecasting and budgeting while stepping up scouring for proper candidates.

Accountants – Accountants with 5-8 years of experience are in high demand as manufacturer and pharmaceutical companies actively seek candidates to fill new roles.

  • Architecture:

Building Information Modelling professionals – Companies mounting interest in using software in improving productivity is a driving force for increased demand.

Project Managers – Project managers with experience in transport will be highly sought after with plenty of offers in the pipeline.

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  • Audit, Risk & Compliance:

Compliance Managers – Due to the increase of compliance and tightening of regulations in the financial services industry, we see huge demand for compliance professionals.

Internal Auditors – The strong growth of FMCG and manufacturing sectors has seen demand for internal auditors and internal controllers who can perform sole contributor roles.

  • Banking & Financial Services:

Private Bankers – Experienced private bankers will be in high demand as banks look for well-connected professionals to boost their businesses.

Operation Managers – Banks are increasingly strengthening their operations amid an economic slowdown.

  • Construction:

Construction/Project Managers – Demand remains strong as the Singapore government continues to invest in improving the transport system.

Tunnelling Engineers – Tunnelling engineers are needed for the amount of construction work taking place.

  • Human Resources:

Senior-Level HR Managers – Singapore’s consolidated position as a regional centre continues to drive demand for senior HR managers.

Compensation and Benefit professionals – Companies will look to localise their global policies and create a high-performing culture. This sees strong demand for HR professionals with compensation and benefit experience.

  • Information Technology:

Data Analysts – As a result of continued investment in IT, data analysts will continue to be well sought after in the quarter.

Cloud Conversion Infrastructure Pre/Sales Solutions Architects – IT hubs continue upgrades in the latest cloud technologies, driving demand for professionals in this area.

  • Insurance:

Digital Marketing Managers – Many companies are placing more emphasis on digital marketing to boost their sales.

Underwriters – Underwriting is a core function that insurers are in need of candidates to fill key positions.

  • Procurement & Supply Chain:

Advisory and Consulting professionals – Consulting firms are required to advice on business strategies and processes with demand for high-calibre professionals remaining high.

Project Procurement Managers   — The increasing need to improve internal process results in rising demand for project procurement managers.

  • Property:

Facilities’ Managers – A rise in the demand for facilities’ managers is because companies are making efforts to protect data and comply with local laws.

Energy Management Professionals – Demand for energy management skills increases due to continued emphasis on Green Mark energy efficient buildings.

  • Sales & Marketing:

Social Media Specialists – Strong demand arises from a buoyant growth in B2C industries.

Data Analysts – Companies realise the importance of translating and understanding collated data to enhance business efficiency.

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