New Game-Based Approach Helps Employers Find Best Talent through Neuroscience and Big Data

February 4, 20168:17 am3739 views

New game-based approach to recruitment delivers better, faster, cost-effective hiring and expands talent pool to uncover hidden talent.

Mercer, a global consulting leader in advancing health, wealth, and careers, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies has launched Mercer MatchTM, a game-based job and career matching digital platform that takes a scientific approach to help employers find untapped talent while helping candidates find roles where they are most likely to succeed.

Mercer Match is the latest solution from Mercer’s Innovation Hub and the first from its alliance with Pymetrics, announced in December 2015.

Using digital games based on decades of neuroscience research, Mercer Match can rapidly identify more than 80 different cognitive, emotional, and social traits that impact job performance. By understanding traits known to achieve success in a specific role, the Mercer Match platform is able to more accurately source the best candidates for right-fit jobs.

“Companies worldwide continue to be challenged by hiring talent with the right skills set to grow their business in today’s fast-paced environment,” said Barb Marder, Senior Partner in Mercer’s Talent business and Team Leader in Mercer’s Innovation Hub.

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“Unlike other job boards or job matching services that are designed to produce a high volume of candidates, Mercer Match delivers fewer, higher quality candidates who are more likely to succeed based on traits of top-performing employees. Plus, our approach can find hidden, more diverse talent for employers that they might not otherwise find.”

For candidates, Mercer Match can help them discover career paths in which they are more likely to succeed based on their cognitive, emotional, and social profile. While many different career paths are covered in Mercer Match, the solution is initially focused on matching candidates to different types of sales jobs.

“Mercer Match presents a ‘win-win’ opportunity for both employers and candidates with sales roles,” said Marder. “Companies have reported that sales jobs are among the hardest to fill and retain. With Mercer Match, employers reduce their risk with candidates who are quantifiably more likely to succeed in sales roles, while employees find the sales jobs in which they will most likely be successful.”

Mercer Match was developed in cooperation with Pymetrics, and late last year Mercer announced an investment in the company. Mercer’s understanding of the talent marketplace and Pymetrics’ predictive hiring science and technology, make for a ground-breaking approaches of thinking about the workforce of the future.

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