Most Employers in Taiwan are Willing to Hire Freshers, Over Experienced Professionals

June 9, 20178:29 am283 views

60 percent Employers in Taiwan are willing to hire freshers or first-time jobseekers, thus indicating an increase of 3.5% compared to 56.6% last year. This finding is according to a survey conducted by job site 1111 Job Bank.

The data also revealed that employers who showcased interest in hiring first-time jobseekers or freshers were mostly from the service sector, government agencies, healthcare industry, agriculture sector and educational groups.

This increase in hiring of freshers seen in Taiwan is owing to the fact companies think, first-time jobseekers perceived them to be more cooperative and eager to learn new things. Also hiring first-time jobseekers could prove beneficial for companies to save on costs, as these fresh recruits ask for lower wages and soon agree to the offer made as well since they are keener on learning and performing well.

The data from 1111 Job Bank also showed that 2017 average starting salaries grew by 2.75% from a year earlier, as reported here.

While some employers did show reluctance towards hiring inexperienced freshers for certain skilled job roles, while some other viewed this in the purview of additional training and mentoring costs, plus productivity loss. Hence hiring new talents and first-time jobseekers for lower wages makes not much difference to the overall savings and profits gained by an organisation.

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