More Indian Companies See Increasing Demand for Chief Diversity Officers

August 30, 20189:07 am352 views

More corporates in India is expecting more women participation in the workforce, found recent survey commissioned by BTI Executive Search. Surveying over 100 organisations across the country, the study indicated there is an increase in demand for chief diversity officers in several sectors such as the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and FMCD Fast Moving Consumer Durable), retail, life sciences, IT and engineering/manufacturing.

When asked about the reason why companies need chief diversity offers, more than half companies surveyed (60 percent) said that the role is needed to ensure that diversity is inclusive without affecting the core business of the organisation. Another quarter said that the role can inculcate a culture of diversity within the organisation, while 15 percent believed the role will ensure there are no unconscious bias that affects the talent acquisition process or the talent within the organisation.

According to the report, majority companies define diversity in terms of gender diversity (75 percent), while only few cited it refers to differently abled (25 percent), the India Times reports.

Among the key skillsets needed for chief diversity officers are emotional quotient, data-driven, communication skills, leadership and management skills, networking and talent acquisition, training, counselling and advising skills, as well as understanding related laws.

James Agrawal, managing director of BTI Executive Search, said, “In the IT sector, where most women are hired for software testing than programming, there is a focus on hiring more women for programming. Similarly, in the engineering sector, there is a push on hiring as well as giving opportunities to women in leadership roles beyond R&D, production, project, etc.

“Also, companies are willing to experiment with different backgrounds,” he added.

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