Malaysia’s Buoyant Market Creates More Job Opportunities for Sales and Marketing Professionals

August 3, 20168:01 am1492 views

Malaysia’s recruitment market is expected to see strong hiring of sales and marketing professionals as the buoyant automotive, property development and heavy manufacturing industries create a large number of new jobs.

According to recruiting experts Hays, sales and marketing managers are in high demand as industrial companies, following the launch of new facilities, look to invest in new talent to spur sales growth.

“Upbeat business sentiment in Malaysia is boosting manufacturing activities,” says Tom Osborne, Regional Director of Hays Malaysia. “Companies are now actively searching for experienced general managers and marketing managers to ensure their new projects become a commercial success.”

In its latest Quarterly Report for July to September 2016, it has been found that the construction and property development sector is generating the highest demand for sales and marketing professionals.

“Developers are actively pursuing strong sales candidates to help them recover investments quickly,” says Tom. “We find that candidates with commercial experience and established networks are most popular with employers. In the quarter ahead, candidates with strong knowledge of government legislation and regulations will be favoured too.”

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Competition for experienced sales and marketing professionals would become intensive with the launch of several major infrastructure projects, which will create further new jobs.

“Hiring managers will face pressure to secure talent with a proven track record, with employers differentiating themselves from competitors by offering attractive salary increments,” Tom adds.

In terms of candidate trends, candidates remain selective when considering their next opportunity, with remuneration, culture and growth being the primary drivers.

“Professionals being sought after are fully aware that it’s a candidate-short market,” Tom adds. “They will prefer to take a wait-and-see attitude when approached by hiring managers.”

Candidates with digital and technology expertise are rare in the market. There are also an increasing number of international candidates showing interest in moving to Malaysia due to the positive hiring climate here.

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