KL-Singapore HSR Works to Create 70,000 New Jobs

May 7, 20189:03 am998 views

The construction of high-speed rail (HSR) that will connect Kuala Lumpur and Singapore is expected to generate over than 70,000 new employment opportunities, said MyHSR Corp Sdn Bhd. The mega infrastructure project would create job openings for professionals, skilled workers, and students along the corridor of the 335km alignment within Malaysia.

In an official statement, MyHSR Corp expected the development would contribute RM209 billion in gross national income (GNI) based on spillover effects in the rail and supporting industries as a result of developing HSR capabilities in 2035. Based on the existing strength of the local rail companies, there would be opportunities in further infrastructure planning, project management and civil works (end-to-end activities) that include installation, testing and commissioning.

“In addition, more than 60 civil work packages will result in over 5,000 sub-contract packages being opened to local firms, which will stimulate the growth of local industries. More than 40% in value of the civil work packages will be allocated to bumiputra companies,” it added.

Datuk Mohd Nur Ismal Mohamed Kamal, MyHSR Corp chief executive officer (CEO), said that the company has been committed to support the push for localisation. Therefore, at the start of the procurement process, it always emphasises the importance of involving local players in the project.

“However, given that HSR is new in Malaysia, we have also asked the local players to partner with HSR expertise globally to ensure that we build a safe and efficient HSR. Opportunities for Malaysian contractors are aplenty in the civil work packages, ranging from advisory, engineering and design, certification and testing to commissioning.”

“Keeping the job pipeline local will in turn contribute to the Malaysian economy,” he added.

The Syarikat Pembenaan Yeoh Tiong Lay Sdn Bhd-TH Properties Sdn Bhd consortium (YTL-THP) has been appointed as the project delivery partner for the southern section of the alignment. CEO of YTL-THP consortium Datuk Seri Azmi Abdul Aziz said the HSR project would be transformative for businesses, including those outside the customary rail supply chain.

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“We are committed to delivering the project with a focus on sustainability, and creating new education, training, and research and development opportunities. We expect the southern alignment contracts to be awarded mainly to local companies, impacting SMEs in sectors as diverse as construction and manufacturing to communications and digital technologies,” he added.

Meanwhile, consortium Datuk Azmi Mat Nor said the new rail connection would create socio-economic benefits in terms of enhanced competitiveness, productivity and skill sets for the country, The Star Online reports.

“The services industry, namely, finance, education, tourism and health are among the sectors that would experience greater demand. In addition, the construction of the civil works for HSR will require a workforce equipped with knowledge relevant to Industry 4.0 and in this regard, our people will be upskilled on the use of technological tools to ensure the efficient delivery of this project.

“Digital upskilling will, in turn, increase their marketability and employability which will position them on the path to higher income for a better quality of life. Local contractors will also build on their expertise as they work on this monumental rail link that is set to strengthen Malaysia’s position as a leading economic powerhouse,” Mr Nor said.

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