Japan Accelerates its Go-Digital Drive, Demand for Big Data Specialists on the Rise

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Big data specialists will become new darlings of Japan’s employers as analysis and processing of data sets effectively help businesses expand their market share, says recruiting experts Hays in Japan. This is one key finding from the latest Hays Quarterly Report for the October to December quarter, which specifies the trend for the job market.

Marc Burrage, Managing Director of Hays in Japan, says: “Demand for big data analysts and researchers will continue to rise in the quarter as various organisations are in search of experienced professionals to buoy their businesses.”

“Big data teams in many companies have already proven their ability to bring about a sea change to the industries. The trend is clear that professionals who can provide data analytic services and database management system will continue to be in short supply.”

“Companies are fully aware that big data technologies can effectively help forecast, transform and drastically change a business. Innovative firms are now speeding up the development of analytic tools that are tailored to their clients. The niche knowledge is consistently in high demand with various employers in different industries all joining the competition for the available talent.”

The other trend we have observed is that bilingual professionals including translators will continue to be in high demand as multinational companies seek to consolidate their foothold in Japan. Demand is highest for the following skilled professionals in Japan for Q4 2016:

  • Accounting and Management professionals– Smaller gaishikei businesses are increasingly seeking accounting and management professionals to reinforce their further growth.
  • Project Management professionals– Multinational corporations, in order to save money, are optimising their management structures through M&As. Hence you can witness increase in demand for professional managers to oversee specific projects.
  • Junior Accountants – Companies are turning to junior accountants who can add value with their knowledge and motivation to the existing businesses.

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  • Compliance and Internal Audit professionals– Banks are strengthening their surveillance departments, which lead to a demand for trade/investment surveillance and communication monitoring officers.
  • Product Control professionals – There is a continued lack of bilingual product control professionals in Japan as some of the teams are now being repatriated.
  • Asset Management professionals– More US companies are looking for asset management professionals with experience in sales/client service or product management segments.
  • Project Managers– Stable hiring in insurance industry results in a higher demand for senior-level project managers.
  • Application Support Specialists– Demand for application support specialists continues to be high. Strong bilingual candidates are expected to receive a salary hike.
  • Learning, Development and Training Managers – In retail sector, demand is high due to lack of qualified candidates.
  • HR Business Partners – Large firms need to look for senior-level HR business partners when the need for replacement arises.
  • Big Data Experts– They are badly needed because some of the big data teams have proven their ability to forecast, transform and drastically change a business.
  • Business Intelligence Engineers – This is an area where competition for highly-skilled talent is likely to be fierce.
  • Business Process Improvement and Transformation Specialists– Business process improvement and transformation specialists are in demand to handle large transformational projects/programmes.
  • Sales Managers– More foreign life insurers are consistently looking for motivated junior-level candidates for sales positions.
  • Corporate M&A professionals – This position is a hot space as more merger and acquisition deals are in the pipeline.
  • Finance-related Legal professionals– It’s another area where demands grow quickly.
  • Clinical Project Managers – Clinical project managers who have good knowledge about drug development process are in high demand.
  • Medical Science Liaison professionals– They are in top demand as pharmaceutical companies build new therapeutic areas and need additional MSL to help reach out to the scientific community.
  • Project Managers– The role of project managers is becoming highly important as organisations look to maintain and ensure the production supply to Japanese OEMs.
  • Application Engineers– It has been the No. 1 demand for a while and the trend will continue as Tier 1 companies aim to expand their products.
  • Executive Assistants/Secretaries– There will be an increasing number of replacement roles available as more retirement and turnovers take place.
  • Translators/Interpreters – More in-house translators are needed as companies want to protect their information.
  • Construction Project Managers– The project managers are required for office construction, design and relocation projects.
  • Facility Managers– Growth in the outsourcing market leads to demand for more facility mangers.
  • Digital Marketing Managers– Every company needs to boost their digital capability and more digital marketing positions are created.
  • Media Planning Managers– They are needed to balance TV commercials and different online marketing/digital marketing tools.
  • Planner/Inventory Analysts – It is a role of proactively providing ideas to the sales departments to maximise sale revenue.
  • Logistics Managers– Logistics managers are responsible for saving costs and improving the efficiency of the value chain.

As businesses rely more on digitalised strategies to chase further growth, big data is increasingly used to help employers reach out to a wider range of customers in Japan, hence exacerbate a candidate-short market. “Business intelligence engineers are also highly sought after and we see potential for cut-throat competition looming ahead,” Marc added.

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