Indian Companies Rely on Recruitment Firms to Find Quality Talents

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Indian Companies Rely on Recruitment Firms to Find Quality Talents
Indian Companies Rely on Recruitment Firms to Find Quality Talents

Companies are increasingly entrusting recruitment tasks in the hands of professional organisations for quality talent acquisition even as social media platforms and job sites are still one of the key hiring channels, says a study. According to a study by CIEL HR Services, that focused on the latest trends in Indian talent market, companies are now resorting to recruiting companies for quality talent acquisition across junior, mid and senior-level positions.

Titled, ‘CIELWorks 2020: Latest Trends in Indian Talent Market 2020’ the study noted that social media platforms and job sites were still relevant at hiring candidates, however, an increasing number of companies now prefer to go through employment agencies, The Economic Times reports.

“The main reason behind companies shifting gradually to recruiting companies is because these firms are cutting down their work and time by screening and selecting relevant and quality talent,” Aditya Narayan Mishra of CIEL HR Services said.

The study that covered over 200 senior to mid level executives across sectors from December 2019 till January 2020, noted that though job opportunities were robust but securing quality talent remained a challenge during 2019.

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It further noted that entry-level roles were filled in less than 30 days, mid-level in less than 60 days and senior-level jobs roles saw positions fill in more slowly at around 180 days.

The key factors that attracted candidates and retained them at the junior level were salaries and career development, while at the mid-level the trend was dominated by designation, job security, salary and development opportunities.

At the senior-level, the key factors that drove employee hiring and retention were centered on the role within the organisation, the variable pay, the study noted.

Other major factors that influence senior-level hiring include financial health of the company, work culture, employer brand and long term vision of the organisation, it noted.

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