How to Exit the Interview on a Positive Note with the Hiring Manager?

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If you’re a job seeker, you must have known that first impression matters in an interview. You might have learnt a lot about how to create a good impression for the hiring manager. Showing up on time, dressing for the part, firm handshake, and confident smile are only few of the most common interview tips. After opening the interview and giving a solid convincing performance during the Q&A session, how do you wrap up and close the interview for a win?

As important are the first minutes and the time spent during the interview, it is equally important that you exit well – this helps determine if you stand a chance of getting hired or not. Nevertheless, a perfect beginning should be supported with a remarkable ending as well. While you might have successfully managed to retain the hiring manager’s’ attention  all through the course of the interview. However, if you fail to end the session on a positive high note, then the impression you created can perhaps soon fade out. Remember, your behaviours are being minutely observed and every course of action matters to hiring managers, to help decide if you stand chance to be the next potential recruit.

During these last few minutes is when you can etch the impression created on an interviewer’s mind. You still have time to sell yourself and convince your potential employer, that you are the right talent for the job role.

So here are some tips on how you can leave an indelible impression on the minds of an interviewer, as you exit the room:

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Prepare on questions to ask the interviewer

As the interview comes to an end, usually interviewers do ask if you have any questions for them. Make sure that you do your homework well, to ask relevant questions, display your knowledge and show keenness to learn and work for the employer brand. Jot down a couple of things, such as what information is not available and how does this particular bit interest you to delve further. Avoid sensitive and too trivial queries, but interrogate with smart and interesting questions instead.

If you fail to provide insightful questions, or even miss this opportunity at all, the interviewers’ might see you as someone disinterested to work for the company. Worse, they could also find you less intelligent as in comparison to other interviewees. Therefore, make most of this opportunity to display your skills, eagerness to know and be a part of the team at the said employer brand.

Seize the closing statement

When the last question is answered, you will be asked to make a closing statement. You should bear in mind that at this stage, there is higher chance that the interviewers might have already made up their mind if they have decided to hire you or not. Therefore, stay off reiterating everything you said, right from the beginning of the interview and do not overemphasise on the need to work for the company. Observe low-key approaches to secure the winning deal. Yet, keep it professional and straightforward. Do not sound too ambitious or pushy to get the job, as such approaches with the hiring manager can actually backfire.

Keep the closing remark short and sweet, while underlining the real reasons on why you see yourself, as a great fit for the job role.

Maintain the cheerful smile

Before standing up and leaving the room, do not forget to enquire with the hiring manager about the next step of the recruitment process. Through this, you can know when to expect to hear back from them. As the interview finally ends, leave the room on a pleasant note with a “thank you” and smile. Give the interviewer a firm handshake, just like at the beginning and thank them for their time.

Send a ‘thank-you’ email

As you walk out of the interview room, do you think the interview is over yet? Not really. To position yourself from the crowd, you can send a thank-you email to the interviewers. In the email, you can reiterate your interest for the job position subtly. Apart from sending across a “thank you” email, do not cross boundaries and bother them with another e-mail or phone calls, regarding the employment opportunity.

Irrespective of the final outcome from a job interview, you should always showcase polite behaviours and positive attitude. Through this approach, you might indirectly convince your future employer, that you are indeed the right candidate the organisation has been looking for.

Do write in to us, on anything that we missed out on how to exit the job interview. We would also be glad to know, if you did secure a seat at the table by following the tips highlighted above. Stay in touch!
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