How Can HR Use SMS to Effectively Communicate with Employees?

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Everyone today owns a cellular device, and texting is the fastest way to reach just about everyone. While your business may use texting to reach customers, SMS is also an effective HR communication tool used in many work places. Text messages are opened almost 100% of the time, and within a few minutes, while emails are just not as useful or as fast.

If you wish to communicate with your employees in an efficient manner, it’s time to integrate SMS into your communication strategy.

  • Send Out Reminders for Meetings

While your office might be a busy place, it might take all kinds of communication for your business to run smoothly and efficiently. If your business revolves around the orchestration of meetings throughout the day, then you can simply send out alerts to employees as meeting reminders through text.

You can choose to send message to one employee, or to a group working on a project. In addition, you can set up automated tasks to send out reminders for meetings.

  • Keep Employees Informed During Emergencies

If you have a weather emergency and need to close office for the day, then a quick text works to inform employees. This will keep them safe at home. During emergencies, you will be able to reach out to your employees faster through texting.

For example, if you have an unwanted visitor at your facility which might be dangerous, a text can alert all of your staff at the same point of time to be on lookout for the individual. You can send updates to your employees during times of emergency and offer advice on how to stay safe during such situations.

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  • Employee Surveys

When you want to know how to improve working conditions in your company, send out a survey to all your employees using the SMS facility. You can send each employee a text that contains a link to the survey, and they will receive the survey notification within minutes.

  • Share Job Opportunities Internally

If you have a new job opportunity, you can send out a quick text message to all of your employees to let them know about available jobs within your company. While you may want to expand your recruitment efforts to seek outside of your employee base, however you can easily start with an internal text message to see what kind of interest you discover with workforce in the jobs available.

For external recruitment purposes, creating a short code and requiring prospects to send in a text for further information, can build up a database of potential employees.

  • Send Texts to Garner Votes

Do you have a question you want to pose to your employees? You can send out an SMS text to all of your employees regarding just about anything. Want to know if your employees prefer a white or blue break room? Send out a text and ask.

You can easily tally your results and go with the majority if you want to keep your employees happy.If you have employees working off site with only mobile devices for communication, an SMS text could  be one of the most feasible methods to reach out to your workforce during work day.

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