How Can HR Managers Identify Candidates with Entrepreneurial Zest?

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Your company’s established products and great services cannot be commercialised, unless you find the right talent with entrepreneurial skills to meet the business demands. However, in today’s highly competitive race to fetch best people from the talent pool, how do you identify candidates with exceptional business acumen and an entrepreneurial zest?

Beyond anything else, finding the right talents for your team has always been a challenge for every organisation. As the most powerful driving force, human capital holds the key for business’ success or failure. Candidates that apply for job openings always come with varied skills, experience and knowledge. Hence, it becomes more important for HR leaders’ to recognise employees with suitable company values and principles.

Rapidly-growing companies keen on expansion plans should be supported by fast-growing workforce as well. And to stay relevant in the market, business leaders should encourage talent development and innovation in the entire organisation. Given the business imperative, entrepreneurial zest is one of the key characteristics HRs should seek in a candidate.

To help you conduct better hiring process, here are few potential talent indicators who possess strong entrepreneurial skills:

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High flexibility

Good employees always showcase high flexibility and openness toward change. Possessing an open-minded perspective, they have great ability to negotiate. Be it an important project with promising clients or individual tasks, people with high flexibility always nail every responsibility given to them.


Employees with entrepreneurial spirit take ownership of everything they are doing. Being a goal-oriented person, they always strive to be the best in order to meet company expectations. They are willing to go an extra mile, as long as they can realise the goals.

Willingness to take risk

Big business deals never come across as easy projects. To level up in the industry, organisations should have a risk-appetite to be able to clinch new business opportunities. Therefore, employees who are not afraid take risks and deal with uncertainty is required for a business to flourish and prosper. They should be able to move forward and make important decisions even during critical periods.

Passion and enthusiasm

No good business impact can be derived from weak-willed employees. Therefore, HR managers should make sure that the next hires demonstrate passion and enthusiasm in their jobs.

They should be filled with energy and surrounded by positive aura, that will generate better work environment. During the interview, it is important to test if the candidates showcase commitment and dedication for success.

Excellent communication skills

Employees with an entrepreneurial zest should have excellent communication skills. They should be high-potential leaders able to work both individually and in a team. These people fully understand their roles and responsibilities for the success of an organisation. They have the ability to communicate ideas and opinions explicitly to their managers, clients, or co-workers.

Willingness to learn

Great employees showcase willingness to learn and are endowed with the ability to think ahead. They always seek to be upgraded with skills as per industry demands, and share a passion for learning new things. They are not afraid of taking up higher responsibilities since they aspire for a better career opportunity.

While finding candidates with entrepreneurial zest is not an easy task to accomplish, it is not difficult either with some key hiring strategies used to attract talent. However, these six characteristics mentioned above will be of great help to find the next potential hire with business acumen. All you need to do is, start paying closer attention to details about your candidate’s personality during the interview.

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