Holistic Solution for Streamlining Recruitment

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Holistic Solution for Streamlining Recruitment
Modernising and streamlining the process of recruitment

If you think you have heard of CareerBuilder as a job top board, then here is the transformation that the recruitment portal welcomes to change the way recruitment works. Evolving from a top job board to a global HR Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, it now plans to encompass the entire recruitment process from hire to retire.

The company has officially launched CareerBuilder1, an HR software solution that delivers job distribution, sourcing, workflow, CRM, data and analytics in one pre-hire platform – something no one else in the industry has been able to accomplish so far. This launch celebrated a significant milestone in the company’s success and remarked 20th anniversary of CareerBuilder.

Considering the changes witnessed by the recruitment landscape globally, this move by CareerBuilder into software is a natural evolution, since they were already delivering software over the internet and dealing with more than 25 million candidates each month.

Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder and co-author of ‘The Talent Equation’ said, “We were able to learn as Internet technology matured, closely track labour trends and build cutting-edge software systems. None of our competitors have access to the amount of data we have on candidates and jobs that we use to test and build the most effective recruitment solutions. None of them are doing what we’re doing, and we feel we can make a dramatic impact on the modern recruiting world.”

The unveiling of this pre-hire platform comes at an opportune time when companies are struggling to fill in-demand roles in the face of more complex hiring environment, limited resources and growing talent gap.

This pre-hire platform by CareerBuilder focuses on significantly improving recruiter efficiency by providing data-driven talent strategies and thus creating an experience for candidates, which eventually translates into greater number of hires. This software is a holistic offering from the top job board to streamline the process of recruitment and modernise it in a major way, to save time, efforts and costs.

The platform builds a pipeline of candidates on the recruitment board with an “always on” recruiting engine to engage jobseekers, wherever they are on the web. Since CareerBuilder has access to more clients, and more jobs, candidates can easily download the mobile app and start applying or just sign in from the desktop and get connected to companies looking to fill in vacancies easily.

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One of the major problems that plague the HR industry is customer relationship mismanagement, wherein 49 percent of the potentially interested talent pool goes untapped because HR managers do not revisit or re-engage with previous candidates of the company. While 20 percent of the companies do not have a system to remarket requirements and 37 percent say no one has time to do so.

This pre-hire platform from CareerBuilder helps:

  • Automate candidate remarketing – It automatically matches relevant candidates in a recruiter’s pipeline to their positions and email those opportunities to candidates. Recruiters don’t have to think about it and can take advantage of CareerBuilder’s higher open rates for emails.
  • It enables recruiters to search for candidates across all internal and external sources in one place, and manages those candidates in one database.
  • It has an applicant tracking system that is global in nature, fully configurable and completely SaaS-based to handle the pre-hire workflow from posting a job to acquiring resumes to the actual hire.
  • Exploring workforce analytics, this SaaS platform offers real-time labour market data and performance reports that are easy to understand and provide meaningful conclusions.
  • The software also uses big data analytics tools to run real-time reports on ROI of sources, recruiter performance and compliance – so recruiters can pinpoint top performers and strategies.

Redefining recruitment space, this software tool is remarkable solution to ease hiring worries of hiring managers, such as to allow them time and leverage to focus on talent management and productive functions of HR management to ensure smarter workplaces. Recruiters can choose to buy the entire platform or purchase the software a la carte to integrate with the existing systems.

The software is designed to solve bigger HR problems with user-friendly navigation and interface to help reduce cost per hire and time to hire. Further hiring managers can be assured of quality candidates and reduce time lag that results in delayed hiring processes. This in turn is a cost to the management; CareerBuilder helps organisations save on recruitment costs and helps recruiters find talent easily on the platform.

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