Ho Chi Minh City Requires 80,000 New Staffs in Second Quarter

April 30, 20189:40 am275 views

In an effort to focus on improving economic competitiveness and quality of growth in the country, Ho Chi Minh will need as many as 80,000 new employees for the second quarter of 2018.

According to an official statement from HCM Centre for Forecasting Manpower Needs and Labour Market Information, about 5,593 new enterprises have been established since the beginning of the year and contributed to creating more jobs for Vietnamese talents.

As for the first quarter, the city was in need for 72,000 new hires, indicating a surge of 38 percent compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, the new jobs in the second quarter will be mostly available for sales, services, textile-footwear, and logistics roles.

Regarding to this, the Head of the Labour Forecasting Centre Tran Thi Anh Dao said that the city has been working on improving its business environment and encourage the creation of more startups. To keep up with this end, enterprises such as in the fields of IT, automation, translation, architecture and construction were increasingly requiring more highly skilled and trained employees.

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Among the companies which is in hiring drive for mechanical and electrical engineers is Seaprodex Refrigeration Industry Corp. Its deputy human resources manager, Bui Thi Lan Oanh said that new talents with required experiences and school certificates are needed for new projects.

To cope with rising talent competition, the company is working with universities such as HCM City University of Technology and the Industrial University of HCM City to provide internships and training for students. They also offer a supervisor trainee programme along with competitive salary to final-year students and recent graduates, Vietnam Plus reports.

Meanwhile, recruitment firm Navigos Search found that in the highest recruitment demand in the first quarter came from the manufacturing sector (40 percent). This industry grew by 13.56 percent during the period, with job vacancies were available at all levels from labourers to engineers to managers.

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