Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals in Japan to Get Permanent Residency in a Year

December 21, 20168:17 am723 views

The Japanese Government plans to grant highly skilled foreigners in Japan, permanent residency status after they live in the country for one year, Jiji Press reports.

Currently such foreigners who work as researchers and corporate managers can only become permanent residents in the country, if they stay for at least five years. The government is now looking at shortening the period to three years.

However, talent with skills on demand such as artificial intelligence specialists, regenerative medicine researchers, big investors and other people who satisfy special conditions would only need to reside in Japan for one year to qualify for permanent residency.

With intensifying global competition for highly-developed and skilled human resources, Japan ups the ante to attract potential talent to the country and retain them. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe clearly indicated in country’s new growth strategy adopted in June, a policy to make the nation’s immigration system highly attractive for skilled foreign professionals.

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Image credit: jpnvisa.net

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