Graduate Next Year? Here’s the Hottest Jobs in 2020

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The landscape of work is undergoing a continuous change. Disruptive technologies, climate change, robotics, natural resource limitations, renewable energy, the sharing economy, the cloud, big data and ageing populations: these are just some of the opportunities shaping the way people work today and the careers of the future.

If you have just earned a university degree and embarked your journey to the world of professional work, the rapid development of technology offers abundant exciting prospects across various emerging industries, with entrepreneurialism, connectivity and the human touch expected to be a big part of the future career mix.

Here’s what experts predict the workplace will look like in 2020, according to Top Universities sponsored by Macquarie University.

Cyber warfare will be the new terrorist threat

With the cost of cyber-attacks estimated to exceed $1 billion a year in Australia alone, cybersecurity experts are highly in demand worldwide. In the past five years, demand for intelligence and policy analysts has grown by 21.4 percent.

This demand far exceeds supply across a broad range of industries, meaning that a cybersecurity qualification opens the door to a wide range of interesting and rewarding careers. With technology becoming increasingly pervasive – think medical implants, electronic vehicle controls, and smart buildings – the possibilities for carving out an interesting career in this field are vast.

Ads for mathematical jobs will flood listings websites

Demand for accounting and finance professionals has increased by 44 percent and will grow by another 22 percent by 2020. Meanwhile, demand for actuaries, mathematicians and statisticians will increase by almost 10 percent by 2020.

Ageing populations mean health professionals will be in high demand

The world is greying. Up to 40 percent more health and community services professionals will be needed by 2020. Furthermore, 21.5 percent more medical scientists will be needed by 2020.

Demand for creative, media and marketing professionals will grow

15 percent more advertising and marketing professionals will be needed by 2020, and 16 percent more performing arts technicians will be needed by 2020.

The world will still need engineers, lawyers and teachers… Who’d have thought?

22 percent more telecommunications specialists will be needed by 2020. 17.6 percent more solicitors will be needed by 2020.

Meanwhile, demand for all education professionals will continue to outgrow other professions by 2020. Demand for early childhood experts will increase by 27 percent, and special education teachers 21 percent.

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