Facebook Gunning at LinkedIn, to Allow Employers to Post Jobs on Their Company’s Facebook Page

February 20, 20178:47 am1152 views

In a bid to capture larger market share and tap target audiences of LinkedIn, Facebook rolls out a new feature that will allow employers to post job listings on their company’s Facebook account page. This feature will let jobseekers immediately apply for jobs, using the “apply now” button without leaving the social networking platform. This feature has been activated for US and Canadian businesses from February 15.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Facebook’s VP of Ads and Business Platform Andrew “Boz” Bosworth says they wanted to see “how (they) can make Facebook more useful in your everyday life.” Some digging brought forth the fact that small businesses face an eternal talent and hiring crunch, as most job seekers are open to a better, higher-paying job even if they’re satisfied with their current place of work.”

This new feature will allow SMEs to post job listings, just the same way as they post a status update, from the same bar, for users to share, like, comment and even apply directly, instead of switching on to a professional networking platform such as LinkedIn or the company site.

A company’s page will now show a ‘Jobs’ tab, where all the openings will be synced with Facebook to appear in one consolidated list. While the audience that typically does the rounds of LinkedIn is the group that is actively searching for jobs, the users that frequent Facebook do so for a host of other social reasons, and would be tapped into even if they aren’t searching for jobs at that moment.

These posts could also be sponsored and boosted by companies, thus casting a wider net to the casual jobseeker, who is on constant lookout for well-paying jobs, despite being satisfied in their current company.

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Facebook also plans to monetise this offering by improving its target approach to focus on matching job listings with people credentials and experience. This will make users more serious about updating their basic information with regards to the companies and institutions they work for or have been a part of in their job history.

Posting a job is free for employers, and there’s no limit to how many posts a Page can have, CNBC reports.

Facebook will pre-fill the user’s name and profile picture to speed up the process. Businesses can pay to turn these posts into ads so they reach more people in the feed. Businesses could also get some viral help as users re-share openings to their friends, or tag people that they know are looking for a job.

According to Facebook, it’s easy for Page admins to create a job post, track applications and communicate directly with applicants. After posting a job, Page admins will be able to review applications and contact applicants on Messenger, or on mobile and all in one place. And as with other posts, they can boost job posts to reach a larger more relevant audience.

The experience is simple for applicants, too. Job posts may appear in their News Feed, in the new bookmark for jobs, and alongside other posts on business Pages. When they click on the “Apply Now” button, a form will open that’s pre-populated with information from their profile on Facebook. Applicants can always review and edit their information before submitting it.

This new experience will help businesses find qualified people where they’re already spending their time—on Facebook and on mobile.

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