Demand for Tech Jobs in Singapore Rose 20% Over Last Year

August 28, 201910:22 am434 views

The demand for tech jobs in Singapore was noted to see a growth of 20 percent in the past 12 months, recent report by recruiting firm Michael Page found.

Salary Benchmark 2019 report noted that while there is a high demand in Singapore for those specialised in e-commerce, digital marketing and data science, talents with such skills are hardly available in the talent market. Companies are seeking leaders who can drive digital strategy while anticipating technology disruptors, The Business Times reports.

According to the report, the highest paid tech jobs sector include chief technology officer, with an average monthly salary of S$22,000, followed by an IT director or head of IT security, who earns an average of S$18,000.

Meanwhile under the digital sector, an e-commerce director receives an average of S$23,000 per month, while a digital marketing director has an average monthly salary of S$18,000, and an employee dealing with user experience web analytics including SEO (search engine optimisation) or SEM (search engine marketing), draws about S$9,600 per month.

“The need for niche skills, and the evolving technology landscape is seeing a huge transformation. In line with this, the expectations of salary increase when switching jobs in similar industries are about 12-20 percent for technology talent, and 10-15 percent for digital talent,” the report said.

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Though digital transformation is the ongoing focus, cybersecurity prefaces many organisations’ ability to improve operational technology, and there is a huge demand for IT security roles, as well as digital transformation-led technical roles.

In addition, the research shows that 29 percent of Singapore professionals would switch jobs to develop new skills, while 60 percent of job seekers feel positive about the employment market.

Shinjika Shukla, associate director of technology practice at Michael Page Singapore said: “In a market where roles in technology and digital can be hard to fill, employers need to invest in excellent workplace training and development. This is a spur to attracting great candidates – and helps you retain them as well.

“Candidates seek evidence that a company is committed to their development, and will value their projects. Technology can be boom-bust, so job seekers place a premium on the stability and long-term viability of the firm. They expect clear details on the exposure to new technologies – some might even entertain a pay cut for exposure that boosts their market value.”

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