China’s State Council Eases Qualification Requirements for 114 Positions

December 13, 20168:52 am719 views

The State Council of China relaxes the qualification requirements for 114 positions to include temporary tour guides and house cleaners.

The Cabinet further released a list of to-be-cancelled jobs requiring qualifications on December 8 to include seven professional jobs and another 107 technical personnel to cover transportation, agriculture, tourism, investment, water resource, human resource and meteorology.

This move by the Cabinet is aimed at streamlining administration, optimising services and promoting the spirit of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, while deepening reforms on personnel development.

All the related departments should transform their functions to stimulate market vitality and social creativity while exerting more efforts to fulfill the task of cancelling vocational qualifications, which will greatly boost employment and cut red tape.

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Human resources departments should make sure all the listed qualification items are eliminated over time. A white list of occupation qualifications should be published. Any other items off the list should not be set up. Except for admission-related qualifications, other listed items should not be used as an excuse against job seekers or startups.

The decision also emphasised the importance of supervision to guarantee the smooth and successful implementation.

In addition, the government urged related departments to build a qualification accreditation system in an effort to regulate qualification and certificate holders and to prevent illegal activities such as renting certificates.

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