Amazon Has 1,300 Job Openings in India, the Highest in Pacific-Asia

January 21, 20199:55 am741 views

As part of its global expansion, ecommerce giant Amazon is looking for new hires to fill 1,300 job openings in India. This move indicates the company’s optimistic outlook about the country, despite new policies issued by the government may hurt its business.

The vacancies available in various departments and roles in India are thrice the number in China, where there are only 467 openings. Outside of Asia-Pacific, excluding the US, only Germany has such a big number of employment opportunities. Currently, Japan opens 381 jobs, Australia 250 and Singapore 174.

Employed nearly 60,000 people in India at the end of December last year, the US-based company is planning to expand its businesses other than ecommerce and cloud services into India. It seeks to develop its businesses to payments, content, voice assistant, retail and customer services. Most new employees will be hired from Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai.

India is an important talent location for the company as teams in the country are working to develop efficient solutions for Amazon’s businesses that are applied to operations worldwide, a company spokesperson said.

“With our constant growth, we are always looking for exceptional talent across levels in areas of software development, product and marketing, machine learning and many positions in other departments. We have created thousands of skilled and semi-skilled jobs in India over the past decade,” the person added.

This hiring exercise can be used by Amazon to make its case stronger in the ongoing policy deliberation with the government. The Centre’s new norms in the e-commerce sector and foreign direct investment (FDI) released in December 2018 could force Amazon to alter its business model. The new rules will be effective from next month, in which e-commerce platforms will have little control over the vendors they are in business with, Money Control reports.

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