6 Advices to Optimise Your Video Job Interview

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Video interview is gaining popularity. More and more employers are conducting this type of interview as it is considered more money-saving and time-efficient rather than having to invite and meet candidates directly at the office.

A survey of 506 companies found that cost remained the main motivator for organisations to rely on technology in their hiring process, with about 2 in 3 respondents (67 percent) admitted that video interview helps reduce travel expenses. Meanwhile, 47 percent adopted video interview to shorten time it takes to make a hiring decision, and 22 percent said video interview helped them reach candidates worldwide as skilled people are rare to find.

Not only beneficial for hiring in-house employees, video interview is also effective when hiring managers are looking for remote workers or freelancer but do not have much time to interview them in person. If you are interested in working as a freelancer or remote worker in a company located far from where you live or even abroad, then this hiring trend opens an opportunity for you to land your dream job without having to fly yourself to the office.

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Just like coming to in-person interview, there are things you should prepare in advance in order to ensure a smooth and successful video interview. Poor tools used in video interview can cost you the job itself. Therefore, you should proceed your video job interview with caution. Take a look at the following tips to help you ace in video interviews and get that job offer:

>> Check the tools

Webcam, internet connection, and microphone are most crucial tools you need for a video interview. You might as well prepare the required documents in case the hiring manager want you to show them to him. If you have all the equipments, you should check and try them out one by one to make sure there won’t be a problem during the interview. If possible, use Ethernet cable and turn off your Wifi.

>> Prepare the computer

Rebooting your computer before the video interview might be the best solution as it can close unnecessary apps or docs all at once and prevent them from slowing down the computer performance. More importantly, set your computer right in a comfortable position, not too higher or lower than your chest as it helps you face the interviewer in better position.

If it is a single or pre-recorded video interview, then make sure to follow instruction prepared for you. Commonly, an instruction will be sent to you ahead of time so you will have time to prepare yourself. However, if it is a live video interview, you might need to download an application software and set up an account to ease the interview process.

>> Choose the best location

Make sure the interviewer can see you clearly. In this case, you need to prepare or be in a well-lit room. Not only the lighting, you should pay attention to the background as well. Conduct the interview in a room with minimum decorations or accessories as this will help the interviewer focus only at your presence. Additionally, wear a formal or semi-formal dress so the interviewer know that you are committed with the employment opportunities.

>> Find the best position

Maintaining body language and eye contact is crucial in a video interview. Make sure to show yourself from chest up on the screen. You should set the camera at your eye-level, not above or below as you don’t want the hiring manager to think that you look down at him if your camera is below your eye reach.

>> Rehearse yourself

You should confirm when your interview will be conducted as this will help you with making necessary preparation. A day or few hours prior to the interview, you can practice with a friend or family member. It can help you perform your best and you can learn whether you need to adjust the volume, position, or lighting.

>> Have a cheat sheet

Different from in-person interview, a video interview can give you an opportunity to perform your best when answering question as you can “cheat” in it. Yet, to do this you should prepare possible questions the hiring manager might ask, from company’s background to the job itself. You can write a cheat sheet on a post-it notes and stick in on your computer but make sure to not cover the camera and disturb your interview process.

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