13% Rise in Talent Demand for HR Professionals in India

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The demand for HR professionals in India has risen by a massive 13% in month-on-month. Furthermore, infrastructure leads the way to report solid 10% rise in talent demand. This is according to findings from the latest recruitment index report by nation’s leading job portal TimesJobs.com.

In terms of locations, it is the Tier-II cities that lead talent demand, with the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore posting a whopping 19% rise in hiring activity. While one of the most challenging levels to fill, middle management demand has also seen an 8% increase reports RecruiteX.

“The government’s push to create 100 smart cities comprising of modern digitally-connected infrastructure has started to impact hiring in India Inc., with a rise in demand for key personnel in the infrastructure industry, and across Tier-II cities,” explains TimesJobs’ COO, Vivek Madhukar.

Madhukar adds: “Demand for middle managers, experienced professionals and HR, further consolidates the prediction that India’s growth will be people intensive, needing experienced leadership, team coordination and manpower administration skills.”

Infrastructure Leads the Way

The infrastructure sector emerges as the top employment generator in September 2015, according to TimesJobs RecruiteX with a solid 10% rise in hiring. Petrochemicals, oil and gas sectors are not far behind either and report a 9% increase in talent demand.

A regular among the top 10, the IT & telecom sectors are also witnessing an average 6% rise in demand during the month. Incidentally, the IT sector has consistently registered an average growth of 5% (more than the overall industry average of 3%) in the last three months (Jul-Sep 2015).

Other big employers that are witnessing considerable gains as per TimesJobs.com are the travel and hospitality industry that registered a 5% rise in demand and the BFSI sector that is seeing a 4% uptick as per the September 2015 RecruiteX.

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Tier II cities top the charts

Talent demand was buoyant in Tier-II cities during September 2015. Among the smart cities, Indore topped the chart with a huge rise of 19% in hiring activity during the month. Further, Indore has reported an average 5% rise in talent demand since July 2015. Pune also reported a massive 14% hike in demand as per TimesJobs.com.

Among states, Andhra Pradesh (except Hyderabad) witnessed the maximum increase (18%) in demand, while among state capitals Ahmedabad registered a whopping 17% increase in talent demand in September 2015.

Among metros, Delhi NCR posted the highest (8%) rise in demand.

HR professionals most in demand

The demand for HR professionals has risen by a considerable 13% as per RecruiteX September 2015. These profiles have witnessed an average rise of 4% across the last three months. Business managers and professional consultants also report a significant 12% rise as per TimesJobs.com. These professionals also reported 4% average rise in demand between July-September 2015.

Customer service and tele-calling professionals are witnessing a 10% rise in demand. While IT/telecom and hospitality professionals report 6% and 5% increase in demand respectively, according to TimesJobs.com.

Middle manager demand picks up

The demand for middle-level professionals has reported the maximum rise in September 2015. Working professionals with 5-10 years of experience are seeing an average 8% rise in demand during the month. The category further registered an average 5% rise during the last three months.

While candidates with 10-20 years of experience are witnessing 4% rise in demand, but demand for candidates with over 20 years of experience have seen a 9% drop, according to TimesJobs.com.

The TimesJobs.com RecruiteX also reports the demand for candidates with less than 2 years of experience has also increased by 4%.

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