Office Layouts: Which One Suits Your Team Best?

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Having everything well-organised and neatly-arranged is refreshing for eyes to look, especially when it comes to the workplace. On the other hand, staying in a messy and cluttered environment could make employees reluctant to work. Do you agree?

Lisa Zaslow, a founder of Gotham Organizers, believes that organised workplace can retain employees productivity and make them more comfortable being in office. She said, “Surveys show the average person loses an hour a day to disorganisation, but it actually takes much less time to get and stayed organized. Think about how frantic and stressed you are when you cannot find something.”

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That being said, designing the right office space is crucial as it can help employees more productive during the workday. Providing them with everything they need will help them get work done quickly and neatly. On the other hand, poor design can lead to employees’ getting distracted which decrease productivity, lower employee morale, and even high turnover rate.

Ready to make change and retain your top performers on board?

Here are some concept you can apply in your office taken from Ambient Concept.

Co-working space

This working space offers a range of workspaces for individuals and organisations. There will be desk rentals, office suites, and even a whole office floors for large companies. Co-working space is suitable for freelancers who visits your company, startups, small company without capital, and large company that enjoy state-of-art facilities.

co-working space from the space

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Advantages – More affordable, lack of barriers can ease communication, employees can prompt action and increase work efficiency, fewer artificial lighting and air conditioners.

Team clusters design

Team clusters design is the basis of a team based office layout. It groups teams into clusters and designed zones to ease communication and workflow. This design is good for company that has multiple teams, or teams that hold many internal discussions.

team cluster design from tagoffice

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Advantages – Enables communication within team with similar roles.

Case for cubicles design

Same as clusters design, this design are desk that designated with cubicles. You can arrange the cubicles in a two by two layout, or row design cubicles arranged horizontally across the room. This suits best for organizations that requires its employees some privacy like banks, auditing firms, or telemarketing firm.

case for cubicle design from used cubicles

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Advantages – Give more privacy-collaboration spectrum, enable employees to have quick and open communication while still offering privacy, and give more focus for phone calls and sensitive documents.

Private room space

In this space, employees will be provided their own workspace. They can work and meet clients peacefully without distraction. This work space suits people who do confidential work and have frequent one-on-one meetings.

private office from makanma

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Advantages – Each employees will own their own room so they can decorate and arrange it whatever they want. This design also gives more privacy, quietness, and focus.

Large open space

Open plan offices is a popular choice among startups that has Gen-Y and Gen-Z employees. This workspace usually is lack of cubicles and partitions. Desks are arranged in rows or clusters in a very large open area. You can arrange your office this way if you have fast pace and flat hierarchy company like startups or tech companies.

large space from the muse

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Advantages – Give employees choice to working style and provide never-ending supply of refreshments.

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