Make Your Weekend Fun with These Automotive YouTube Channels

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Make Your Weekend Fun with These Automotive YouTube Channels
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Tight on budget, but still want to enjoy quality entertainment to spice up your weekend? YouTube comes to the rescue! From trivial to more serious themes, YouTube is a great source of entertainment as it provides millions of videos you can freely choose according to your interests and preference. Now, if you are looking for fresh spectacles to spend your weekend while gaining some knowledge about cars, HR in Asia has prepared a list of the best automotive YouTube channels. Check them out!

Fitra Eri

Debuting his career as an automotive journalist and growing to be a top notch race car driver, Fitra Eri is also popular as a YouTube content creator with 2 millions of subscribers. The videos are mostly personal vlogs talking about cars, including driving impressions, cars commentary, tips for car service, and interviews with other content creators.

The interesting part of his videos is that he has a very popular catchphrase that goes, “My height is 177 cm” (in Indonesia: “Tinggi saya 177 cm”). He always throws this sentence to explain the size of cars that are being reviewed as a comparison for the viewers. He often collaborates with Om Mobi in making entertaining yet educating automotive videos for this channel. People love Fitra Eri for his very thorough explanation about cars along with the features, as he has built his whole career in the automotive industry since the early 2000s.


Other than his own personal channel, Fitra Eri also develops a professional automotive YouTube channel called Otodriver. Serving as a more ‘formal’ channel for car reviews, Otodriver videos are still really fun to watch. Otodriver features car reviews, first impressions, and first drives of many newly released cars in Indonesia.

The good thing about this channel is that it upholds its integrity by delivering an unbiased and honest professional commentator about cars in all of its videos. Thus, this channel can be a really good reference if you are planning to buy a car, but not wanting to rely too much on the ad. Fitra Eri is not the only car reviewer in this channel, as there are also 4 other reviewers and one of them is a former female race car driver, Diandra Gautama.

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Motomobi TV

People do not know his real identity, but his automotive channel is enjoyed by millions of viewers: Om Mobi. He keeps his real face hidden behind a skull mask since his debut and it actually becomes his signature identity. This is a personal channel that focuses on vlogs format for mostly automotive contents and others. He debuted as an automotive reviewer for both cars and motorcycles in his first channel named Motomobi TV. Although he keeps both channels active, Motomobi TV channel is similar to Otodriver as it serves mainly professional car reviews, specializing on the history of a car, but always with a touch of humor.

Om Mobi

He is famous for his jargon “We Love Turbo” (in Indonesian: “Kami Suka Turbo”) in almost all of his videos to emphasize his love for Turbo engines. People love Om Mobi because he tries to be really honest with his reviews, including to expose things he does not personally like from a car.


When talking about off-road cars, the iconic YouTube channel to go is definitely Jejelogy. As the creator of this channel, Julian Johan started off as a rally race car driver with years of experience in off-road and rally racing competitions. It can be said that he is Indonesia’s most popular automotive content creator that specializes in off-road. Many other YouTube automotive content creators have collaborated with him when it comes to reviews of SUVs and rally cars, as well as off-road challenges. He consistently produces videos under the series of #DirtCarVlog that gives viewers a glimpse of the off-road community along with off-road cars review. He also shares knowledge about all things related to off-road and rally through the series of #Dirtpedia.

Den Dimas “Bubur Ayam Racer”

Are you more into motorcycles than cars? If so, you will most likely enjoy Den Dimas YouTube channel. Den Dimas is also known as ‘buburayamracer’, which is the name of his instagram account. He seized the opportunity of becoming an automotive content creator specializing in motorcycles while others focus on cars. He occasionally makes videos about cars as well, although not as often as motorcycle reviews and impressions.

Not only does he review newly released motorcycles in a fun way, he also actively makes videos about modification of eccentric motorcycles in Indonesia. Because of his dedication in producing motorcycle videos, many YouTube content creators have collaborated with him in doing review, comparison, modifications, and challenges.

Either you are a petrol head or you are just beginning to be interested in automotive, you will find these YouTube channels suitable for you. If you do not speak Bahasa Indonesia, these YouTube channels can give you new insights about what automotive products are currently launched and popular here. Packed with light humors and outstanding videography, these YouTube channels will be of a good company for you to enjoy your time away from work. With this list of YouTube channels, say goodbye to confusion in deciding what videos to watch. Happy weekend!

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