McDonald’s Singapore Launches Inaugural Crew-Customer Appreciation Movement to Nurture Nationwide Spirit of Graciousness

October 2, 20199:57 am868 views

This October, McDonald’s® restaurants islandwide will launch its inaugural Crew-Customer Appreciation Movement that aims to foster an ecosystem of hospitality, kindness and appreciation among its employees and customers

Tulip Appreciation Cards for expressing gratitude between crew and customers

As part of this year’s campaign, McDonald’s® Singapore is providing Tulip Appreciation Cards to customers, encouraging them to pen their heartfelt thanks for McDonald’s® employees before either handing the card directly to a crew member, manager or Guest Experience Leader, or directly hanging the note on the designated Tulip Standees or Wall Displays in McDonald’s® stores.

Customers can also expect to receive the Tulip Appreciation Cards from crew members, who appreciate positive customer behaviours and attitudes towards them. Through the Crew-Customer Appreciation Movement, McDonald’s® aspires to create a positive feedback mechanism in which the exchange of graciousness leads to more engaged and empowered employees, and for customers to take away memorable, feel-good experiences.

“We believe that small gestures of appreciation go a long way and this belief inspired us to launch our first-ever Crew-Customer Appreciation Movement,” said Jeffrey Tan, Senior Director of Operations, Training, Restaurant Solutions Group and Brand Extensions, McDonald’s® Singapore. “As an industry brand leader, we’re committed to fostering a spirit of graciousness in our communities and the broader service industry. By igniting a national movement, we hope to generate positivity and instill a culture of appreciation amongst Singaporeans, starting with our very own crew and customers.”

Going beyond restaurants to foster a nationwide spirit of appreciation

To spur a nationwide culture of appreciation, McDonald’s® has partnered with Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) in synergy with SKM’s “Be Greater” campaign, which calls for citizens to be better versions of themselves, for a more gracious Singapore. 

“We are delighted to be a partner in McDonald’s Crew-Customer Appreciation Movement,” said Dr. William Wan, General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement. “Appreciation, be it a smile, greeting or encouraging word, is a simple way service staff and customers can practise kindness with each other. By acknowledging and appreciating the people we interact with daily, a growing cycle of kindness can be fostered, in this case boosting both customer satisfaction, and staff morale. Movements such as this can inspire Singaporeans to be more conscious, proactive and considerate to each other so that we can Be Greater, together.”

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