Recommended Free Courses to Learn UI/UX

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Recommended Free Courses to Learn UI/UX
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It is not a secret that a career in UX/UX is on the rise these past few years. More businesses need to best optimize their user experience and generate an easy user interface, which makes UI/UX designer jobs become in-demand. Although you do not necessarily need an undergraduate degree specifying in UI/UX to land a job in this field, you still need to have enough aptitude to fully understand what users want and how businesses can cater it. So, do you consider switching careers to become a UI/UX designer, but are clueless about where to start? 

Here are 5 recommended courses to learn UI/UX for free.

1 . Learn Design with Figma

Want to go into design but don’t know where to start? These Figma courses and activities can get you started creating right away. It provides design training through 12 courses (3 fundamentals, accessibility and inclusion, design research, content, storytelling, simplicity, consistency, constraints, hierarchy, and typography) and 5 design projects. The lessons are delivered in bit-sized videos, making it easier to learn at a more relaxed pace, which can be suitable for you if you wish to learn UI/UX without compromising your current job activities. 

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2 . is a platform that helps people to kick start their career in UI/UX design from scratch. It consists of 6 consecutive courses on UI/UX, starting form the basics (career in UX, usability, user testing, design for screens),  design workflow (using sketch, adobe xd, figma), design and prototype (invision studio, principle app, flinto), handoff & tools (zeplin, abstract) HTML & CSS, and webflow (basics and advanced).  

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3 . Product Design by Google

Product Design by Google is a free course that can help you improve your skill set and increase your productivity with creative, autonomous learning. This course is designed to help you actualize your game-changing ideas and turn it into a product around which you can create a business. Product Design teaches you product validation, UI/UX principles, Google’s Design Sprint, and the process for creating and tracking actionable KPIs by combining theory with practice.

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4 . CalArts UI / UX Design Specialization

California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) offers a free UI/UX course about all stages of the UI/UX development process, from user research to defining a project’s strategy, scope, and information architecture, to developing sitemaps and wireframes. Learners enrolling in the UI/UX Design Specialization are entitled for a one-month free trial of Optimal Workshop’s comprehensive product portfolio of UX tools. By enrolling in this course, you will also take part in a number of short exercises, both visual and non-visual, to put your new UI/UX knowledge to use, such as organizing and structuring screen-based information, defining objectives and strategy, and developing wireframes and visual mockups. You will have created a mid-level digital prototype with simulated functionality, as well as a detailed strategy for a complicated website, by the end of this Specialization. This course will take around 4 months to finish if you work 5 hours every week. 

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5 . Product Design: The Delft Design Approach

If you want to get a better insight on product design to complement your UI/UX skill, Delft Design Approach can be a great option for you. This course includes a model and a collection of signature Delft methods for teaching you how to go from knowing the user in context to establishing a meaningful design problem and, ultimately, delivering a great design. Although no prior understanding of design processes is necessary, having experience in it can helpful helpful. This course is self-paced and divided into six parts. Except for step 5, which may take two weeks, most stages may be completed in around a week. Although this course is free, there is an optional upgrade if you want to go deeper into UI/UX on an intermediate to advanced level. 

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The demand for UX designers is rising at a rate. UX design was also considered one of the world five in-demand talents by LinkedIn in 2020, and Glassdoor included it in their list of the top 50 professions to have in 2021. UX designer salaries will rise as demand for UX designers grows globally in 2022. The UX field, like most other industries, rewards experience with greater compensation; hence, as you advance in your career, you can anticipate your income to rise in tandem with the rest of your career. Good luck!

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